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To the editor:

This year, Valentine's Day marks the beginning of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) "National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans." This special week-long salute offers South Dakotans the chance to say thank you to the tens of thousands of veterans who sacrificed their health in defense of our freedom.

Since the National Salute began more than 20 years ago, local businesses, schools, celebrities and many citizens have paid tribute to the 62,000 brave men and women currently cared for in VA facilities. On February 16, I will be visiting with veterans at the Fort Meade VA Medical Center in Sturgis. Taking part in this salute is a rewarding experience, and I encourage all South Dakotans to get involved.

Please call or visit your nearest VA facility during the National Salute to express your appreciation to hospitalized veterans and to learn more about the many year-round volunteer opportunities available at the VA. If you can't make it to a VA facility, please send a valentine to a veteran at one of South Dakota's VA hospitals. The cards can be sent to:

Fort Meade Medical Center

113 Comanche Road

Fort Meade, SD 57741-1099

Hot Springs Medical Center

500 North 5th Street

Hot Springs, SD 57747-1497

Sioux Falls VA Medical Center

2510 West 22nd Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57105


Tom Daschle

U.S. Senator

A moral country?

To the editor,

I am amazed at all of our fine citizens who are so concerned about how to explain President Clinton's scandal to their kids. I simply told my eight-year-old daughter the truth. A 50-year- old man was approached and tempted by a woman in her early 20s, he took her up on her offer, then regretted it, then lied to cover it up. The problem was the man was the president and a lot of people had been trying for a long time to get the president and this was their chance. She seemed to accept that.

Maybe the reason she accepted that was that I tell her the truth about all of our U.S. history which many people seem to forget so they can make it the "Great Story."

We are not a moral country, we never have been. Our Constitution is merely a process derived by a bunch of white, male landowners that felt they were the only ones that should be allowed to even vote. Most of them also owned other human beings and a few of them even used these owned human beings for sexual purposes. Do you not think Thomas Jefferson would have lied to a grand jury to keep his fellow lawmakers from knowing why he was spending so much time in the slave cabin?

Some of the president's very persecutors, the House managers, are a study in hypocrisy. Look at Henry Hyde, a self-proclaimed adulterer who came to power on a right wing anti-abortion message. Some of his very supporters are the "terrorist groups" that are killing doctors who perform abortions; of course these people act in the name of the Lord.

I guess that must be the 11th commandment "Kill people with different ideas."

Then there is Bob Barr, another adulterer who has all kinds of ties to hate groups such as the KKK and the "Moral Majority." But Mr. Jordan, the president lied under oath ? Well if that is the case, we should impeach the majority of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican who took a ridiculous oath of impartiality at the beginning of this process.

Look at our domestic and foreign policy through the years. We are the only country ever to use atomic weapons. We tried to assassinate poor Castro how many times? We only decided as a nation in 1964 to accept people of other races as equal and some were trying to repeal that last year. We even took a whole people's lands by power for our own use and then hid them in desolate locations around the country known as reservations. No, my friends, a great and powerful nation, yes, but a moral nation by no means. Even look at our own state right now, trying to decide the video lottery question. People's lives versus lost revenue ? Hmm ? that's a tough moral question. I bet we keep the revenue.


John R. Jordan


Anyone have Tavern's recipe

To the editor:

During this last week a mini-reunion of nine Vermillion High School 1951 graduates was held near Phoenix, AZ. We met in Sun City where Charlotte (Ahlgrim) Erickson and Dutch Erickson were spending a month in the sun. Mary (Patterson) Brandt is in Arizona from Eugene, OR for the season, living in her motorhome in an RV park in Apache Junction. Marilyn (Trumbower) Truett and her husband Dick live in Sun Lakes, just south of Phoenix. Bonnie (Jenkins) Kersten came from Ft. Dodge, IA; Shirley (Nord) Bauer and Russ Bauer came from Glendale, MD; Phyllis (Hansen) Jones came from Euclid, OH; and Joyce (Cowles) Jaeger came from San Jose, CA. We have all kept in touch over the years and most of us have attended the class reunions every five years held in Vermillion.

We did some sight seeing, ate great food, laughed a lot, and talked and talked. One of the subjects that came up was the Old Tavern that used to be down on Main Street when we were in school. We all agreed that it was one of our favorite places and remember spending a lot of time there. Over quite a few years some of us have tried to recreate the taverns we loved to eat back then, but none of us has ever quite come up with a recipe that tastes like they did. Recipes have been passed around that were supposed to be the "original" but we could tell they weren't quite right. I wondered if any of your readers in Vermillion might have that original recipe. We would really love to have it.

Growing up in Vermillion was a special time with very special people. We never run out of wonderful memories to retell. We've all gone in very different directions, but our Vermillion connection never changes.


Mary (Patterson) Brandt

P.S. If by some chance anyone knows how the taverns were made, I would appreciate hearing about it at the following address or on my e-mail: Mary Patterson Brandt, 1574 Coburg Road #149, Eugene, OR 97401, e-mail: kayb64@juno.com. Thanks!

Discovery by river was appalling

To the editor:

Saturday at 2 p.m., on a sunny walk with my husband along the Missouri River just east of Clay County Park, I came upon a pile of dogs. In the pile was an adult, black with a brown face, and six half-grown puppies whose bodies had been skinned.

In case you know this story and have heard "they were not dogs," my husband is an expert at mammal identification.

What kind of person slaughters puppies for their skins? What kind of person, even with a necessity to harvest animals, leaves their bodies to rot in the open air on the banks of our shared river? I am disgusted to know that we may have such a callous and irresponsible neighbor.


Julia S. Heaton

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