S.D. Legislative Report

S.D. Legislative Report By Rep. H. Junior Engbrecht The third legislative week was very busy. About 475 bills have been filed so far. Committees are becoming very busy with some meetings in the evenings in an effort to keep up.

HB 1007, An act to provide for the regulation of practice of certified professional midwifery, was defeated in committee and deferred to the 41st legislative day. There is much interest in this bill in District 17. Rumors have it that there may be an attempt to smoke it out.

Almost all of the legislators agree that South Dakota should take the opportunity to improve our roads and highways by taking advantage of the large increases in federal highway dollars. Much of the discussion revolves around how to pay for the state match of the federal money. If the state should build the four lane highways, issues include how much aid the state should provide to counties and townships for their road needs, how to pay for that aid and what should be done with the problems of overweight trucks destroying our roads.

District 17 legislators were at a cracker barrel in Vermillion on Jan. 30, sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. It was well attended. On Feb. 6, we will get together at Pizza Ranch in Marion at 10 a.m. I hope to see you there. Remember we need your input on the many issues. To contact me, call the House Lobby at 605-773-3851. My home phone number is 605-648-3635.

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