Tanagers place sixth in Madison

Tanagers place sixth in Madison by David Lias The Vermillion Tanager varsity volleyball team lost to Miller 5-15, 15-17 in its first match at the Madison Invitational Tournament, held Jan. 23, in Madison.

The Tanagers were 31 of 37, or 84 percent in serving, with 9 aces. Leading servers were Shorey Tuetken, 8 of 8 with 2 aces and 5 points; Jana Prasek, 6 of 8 with 3 aces and 5 points, and Laura Burcham, 6 of 7 with 4 points scored.

"We started off really slow in this match, having only 1 team kill in the first game," said Coach Judy Zeller. "I was impressed with the fact that we played with them in game 2 even when we struggled offensively."

The Tanagers made 34 of 37 sets, and scored 9 assists. Tuetken was leading setting, with 34 sets and 8 assists.

Vermillion was successful in 47 of 61 assists, or 77 percent. Attack leaders were Amanda Iverson, with 24 attacks and 4 kills; Prasek, with 11 attacks and 3 kills; and Kelly Peterson, with 3 attacks and 2 kills.

Leslie Larson had 2 blocks and 2 ace blocks for the Tanagers.

"Our defense was good in this match," Coach Zeller said. "We just could not get anything going offensively."

VHS defeats Dell Rapids

The Tanagers were successful in their second match at the Madison Invitational, soundly defeating Dell Rapids 15-3, 15-2.

"The girls used this match to get them going," Coach Zeller said. "They really took it to Dell Rapids."

Vermillion made 41 of 45 serves, or 91 percent, and scored 15 aces.

Leading servers were Tuetken, 11 of 11 with 2 aces and 7 points; Nancy Heine, 6 of 6 with 4 aces and 6 points; Prasek, 4 of 6 with 3 aces and 4 points; and Iverson, 5 of 6 with 2 aces and 4 points scored.

Vermillion was successful in 25 of 25 sets, and made 14 assists. Tuetken was leading setter, with 25 sets and 14 assists.

The Tanagers made 31 of 36 attacks, or 86 percent, with 18 kills.

Attack leaders were Iverson, with 15 attacks and 11 kills; Prasek, with 6 attacks and 2 kills; and Melissa Rydell, with 7 attacks and 2 kills.

Vermillion made 20 of 21 blocks, and 5 ace blocks. Block leaders were Rydell, with 2 solo, 1 assist and 1 ace block; Burcham, with 1 solo, 1 assist and 2 ace blocks; and Larson, with 1 solo, 1 assist, and 2 blocks.

"This was our first Saturday win and a much needed one," Coach Zeller said.

The Tanagers' record after this game was 8-8.

Tanagers sweep Philip

Vermillion upped its record to 9-8 in its next match by defeating Philip 17-15, 15-9.

The Tanagers were 40 of 49, or 82 percent in serving, with 5 aces. Leading servers were Laura Burcham, 10 of 11 with 1 ace and 10 points; Amanda Iverson, 7 of 10 with 2 aces and 6 points; Heine, 7 of 7 with 5 points; and Tuetken, 7 of 8 with 1 ace and 4 points.

Vermillion was successful in 46 of 50 attacks, or 92 percent. The team scored 15 kills.

"The girls were really excited to get to play Philip, which was number 1 in the Rapid City Journal ratings," Coach Zeller said. "We had a slow start again, letting them get up 14-6 before we really started to play."

Attack leaders were Iverson, with 26 attacks and 8 kills; Burcham, with 7 attacks and 3 kills; and Prasek, with 6 attacks and 2 kills.

The Tanagers made 22 of 23 blocks. Block leader was Rydell, with 1 solo and 2 assists.

"Our defense was outstanding in this match," Coach Zeller said. "We had 42 team digs; leading the way was Burcham with 12 and Melissa Gale with 9."

Settle for sixth place

Vermillion had to settle for sixth place in the invitational, after falling to Hamlin in its fourth match 13-15, 10-15.

The Tanagers were 52 of 60 in serving, or 87 percent, with 2 aces. Leading servers were Iverson, 11 of 13 with 2 aces and 7 points; Tuetken, 10 of 12 with 6 points; and Gale, 8 of 9 with 5 points.

"This was a really close match in which it seemed the close calls and the breaks all went in favor of the opponents," Coach Zeller said. "Hamlin had two girls who could really hit the ball and our defense came through."

Vermillion made 58 of 60 sets, and had 19 assists. Tuetken was leading setter with 58 sets and 17 assists.

The Tanagers made 64 of 71 attacks or 90 percent, with 24 kills. Attack leaders were Iverson with 27 attacks and 10 kills; Larson, with 14 attacks and 5 kills; Burcham, with 9 attacks and 4 kills; and Prasek, with 7 attacks and 3 kills.

"Our blocking was more of a factor that it had been all year," Coach Zeller said. "If we can get everything going on the same day we will be tough to beat."

Block leaders for Vermillion were Iverson, who had 2 solos, 4 assists, and 4 ace blocks; Larson, who had 4 assists and 2 ace blocks; and Rydell, who had 1 solo, 2 assists and 2 ace blocks.

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