TIPs strikes again — 68 violators arrested

TIPs strikes again — 68 violators arrested One important phone call was all that was necessary to apprehend 68 people who shot more than their legal limit of pheasants.

State Game, Fish and Parks officials apprehended the individuals after receiving a call on the department's Turn In Poachers (TIPs) hotline.

The incident occurred Nov. 7, 1998, near Kimball. Conservation Officers Steve Rossow, Lee Leuning, Jack Freidel, Jerry Heismeyer, Pat Callahan and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agent Bob Prieksat investigated the incident.

"The officers observed the non-resident hunters kill an overlimit of pheasants," said Turn In Poachers Coordinator Bob Schuurmans. "After the hunt, the men and guide took their birds to a cleaning facility where the officers seized 118 pheasants."

Schuurmans said a total of 68 people were charged for a total fine of $19,427.50. The non-resident hunters came from various areas of the United States, Canada and France.

The guide allowed the hunters to kill nine pheasants over a two-day period, which is three birds over the legal limit. The guide illegally accounted for the extra birds by putting his name, his wife's name and his children's name on the extra birds, without any of them actively hunting any of the birds.

Schuurmans said 11 of the non-residents were arrested for possessing three birds over their limit and paid a fine of $179.50 each for a total of $1,974.50.

The guide, Chuck Nedved of Kimball, and the coordinator of the non-resident group, John Orler of Greensboro, GA, were charged with a federal crime of aiding and abetting and paid a fine of $300 each. The guide also paid a fine of $53 for improper public storage.

Through the officers' investigation, an additional 56 non-resident hunters were arrested for overbagging. Each was charged with a federal Lacy Act law violation, and will pay $300 each for a total of $16,800.

If anyone sees or hears of any wildlife violations, simply call the TIPs line at 1-800-592-5522 or their local conservation officer. Callers will remain completely anonymous and can get a cash reward.

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