VHS junior varsity ends season with win

VHS junior varsity ends season with win Ending the year on a winning note, the VHS junior varsity Tanagers shot down the Flandreau Indian School Indians 53-31 in boys basketball Feb. 20 at Flandreau.

"This was a good game for everyone to contribute," said VHS Coach Lance Luitjens.

The Tanagers forced 20 Flandreau turnovers to give a boost to the victory.

The Tanagers led 10-2 at the end of the first period, led 21-6 at halftime, and then held a lead of 34-15 going into the final period.

VHS improved its season mark to 16-4.

VHS sank 1 of 4 three-pointers and made 7 of 7 from the line. The Tanagers sank 19 of 40 field goal attempts, while Flandreau was 11 of 34 from the field. Flandreau connected on 3 of 11 three-point attempts and made 1 of 3 free throw attempts.

A number of excellent individual efforts highlighted the win.

"The JV team developed themselves into a fine ball club this year," Coach Luitjens said. "They kept improving each game and refused to lose, winning their last 10 games and finishing 16-4. There is a lot of talent there, and I look forward to next year!"

Individual Stats, VHS: Scoring � Eddie Filipovic, 12; Jeremy Cowman, 2; Tim Russel, 13; Tim Brodersen, 8; Brett Hogen, 5; James Clark, 2; Bo Nelson, 4. Rebounds � Brodersen, 5. Assists � Hogen, 4. Steals � Landon Morse, 3.

Individual Stats, Flandreau: Scoring � Robin May, 16; Little Wind LeBeau, 4; Grant Renville, 4; O.J. Greybear, 2. Rebounds � May, 4.

Team fouls: VHS � 10, Flandreau � 6.

Stats compiled by Jim Prosser

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