Year 2000 may start in blaze of glory

Year 2000 may start in blaze of glory by Jaimi Reimer The year 2000 may come in with a bang, literally, under a bill passed Feb. 12.

The Senate passed, 30-4, SB 249. The bill would allow for a special one-week fireworks sale period at the end of the year.

If passed into law, eager persons could begin buying and shooting fireworks starting at midnight Dec. 24 until midnight Jan. 2, 2000.

Although some Senate historians argued that the passing of the millennium would not be until midnight on Jan. 1, 2001, Sen. Eric Bogue, R-Dupree, said �most of us neophytes in the world believe the transformation occurs in 2000.�

�Just think of all the fun things you can do with this � shoot off fireworks in the living room if it�s 30 below out, stuff the kids stockings with Black Cats,� said Sen. Dick Hainje, R-Sioux Falls.

Bogue pointed out the community service aspect of the bill.

�We may need those sparklers if the lights go out (because of the Y2K problem).�

SB 249 will now blaze into the House for further consideration. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Eric Bogue, R-Dupree, and Rep. Ted Klaudt, R-Walker.

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