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How to Get a College Degree Via the Internet. Classes are as close as your computer! Moving ahead in a career means updating your skills and education, but fitting traditional classroom study around family and work schedules can be exhausting, with extra costs of commuting and possibly child care.

The solution is online instruction. Sam Atieth, director of computer programming at Vatterott College, provides admission requirements and procedures, information on equipment and tools to get you started, how to finance an online degree. This is a good informational handbook that takes you from start to graduation.

You don't have to be a Wall Street expert to build an ace portfolio. Investment guru James P. O'Shaughnessy shows you how to turn your own PC into a strategic investment weapon that decodes the strategies of the nation's top stock pickers and duplicates their techniques in your own investment program.

Invest Like the Best: Using Your Computer to Unlock the Secrets of the Top Money Managers includes easy-to-follow computer templates, and practical steps to help you emulate the portfolios of top managers. Forbes Magazine writes, "Awesome! … One of the best financial books of the year!"

Adult Audio Cassettes

New additions to our audiocassette collection include two Just Listen an Learn communication sets. Just Listen and Learn Russian and Just Listen and Learn Italian are complete and integrated mini-courses to teach you to speak, read and understand another language quickly and with confidence.

Both sets consist of three 60-minute recordings. Accompanying the recordings is a course book that reproduces the recorded dialogues, explains all the vocabulary and key phrases. There are practice exercises with answers, a full vocabulary index, summary and review units, as well as essential travel and cultural information.

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