Courthouse will get needed facelift

Courthouse will get needed facelift by David Lias Drive by the Clay County Courthouse, and it doesn't appear to be a building that's in trouble.

Take a closer look, however, and one can't help but make other conclusions.

That closer look is included in a report compiled by the architectural firm of Miller, Sellers and Heroux of Sioux Falls.

A well-needed facelift is in store for the Clay County Court-house. The Clay County Commission agreed Tuesday to seek bids for the needed tuckpointing work.

Jim Heroux of Miller, Sellers and Heroux, a Sioux Falls architectural firm, showed a report to the commission Tuesday that will be used as it seeks bids for the project.

It includes pages of close up photos of the building's exterior that show several areas of deterioration, and a need for new tuckpointing to help seal up the joints between the large, gray stones on the old, but still solid, structure.

Copies of the report will be used to attract bidders to do the needed work on the building beginning this spring.

"There are many areas that need to be cleaned out, and several cracks that need to be sealed," said Heroux.

He estimated the cost of the project may range from $60,000 to $70,000. Bids will be opened at 10 a.m. March 20, and the job must be completed by Sept. 1.

Heroux was informed that the courthouse also is suffering some roof problems. He advised having a roofer check that out before the tuckpointing begins. The latter project will require workers to be up on the roof.

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