DTG to build Viborg customer service center

DTG to build Viborg customer service center The Board of Directors of Dakota Telecommunications Group, Inc. (DTG) has announced that the company plans to build a $1.5 million customer service center in Viborg, in 1999. DTG expects to create up to 300 jobs over the next three years for area residents.

The new facility will support the company's planned expansion throughout southeastern South Dakota and the surrounding states made possible by its planned merger with McLeodUSA Incorporated which was approved last week by DTG's stockholders. The construction is scheduled for completion by October 1999.

The project consists of a 14,000 square foot building adjoining DTG's existing Viborg switching center, completed in 1997. The new facility is designed to house customer support workstations together with associated employee training, conferencing and support facilities.

DTG and McLeodUSA plan to hire up to 20 percent of the 3000 positions by the end of 1999, as customer operations are gradually converted to a 24 hour, 7 days a week support service. The company's current customer operations in Irene will be relocated to Viborg. The Irene facility will continue to house the company's executive and other offices.

The company's expansion plans are expected to provide an economic boost to the rural Southeast South Dakota area.

"Our annual payroll for our Viborg-based operations will increase substantially over the next two years." said Craig Anderson, DTG's president and chief financial officer. "Adding jobs and payroll to the community will also have a positive impact on other area businesses such as restaurants, drugstores, grocery stores, etc. Based on economic impact estimates from the SD Governor's Office of Economic Development, we believe that out contribution to the Viborg area's economy will run as high as $16 to $24 millen per year."

The new customer service center will support the company's local community service offices and field personnel in the numerous towns in which it currently operates and where it plans to expand.

"We are currently seeking applications for positions as customer account specialists, order entry, service dispatch, and order administration as well as receptionist and training personnel." said Vhonda Miller, vice president of customer service for DTG.

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