Ensemble coming to Shrine to Music

Ensemble coming to Shrine to Music Alhambra, a unique musical ensemble whose members come from Amsterdam and New York, will perform treasures of Judeo-Spanish music from the Balkans, Greece and Turkey, at the Shrine to Music Museum, Sunday afternoon, March 21, at 2:30 p.m.

Using authentic vocal and instrumental styles, Alhambra's concerts entrance audiences with rhythmic and haunting folk music, including the use of free improvisation in Middle-Eastern modes similar to American jazz practices.

The ensemble was organized by Isabelle Ganz of Amsterdam, mezzo soprano, who has mastered the intricate art of Eastern vocal ornamentation. George Mgrdichian is called "the world's unquestioned master player of the oud (an Arabic lute)" by the New York Times. Michael Hess appears widely as both a classical and jazz violin soloist. Jack Zarzatian is a virtuoso percussionist.

Alhambra has performed widely, with venues ranging from Carnegie Recital Hall in New York, the Houston International Festival in Texas, and the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., to the International Festival of Jewish Art Music in Vilnius, Lithuania, London's Almeida Theatre, and the Stockholm Music Festival.

For ticket information, call 605-677-5306.

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