Letters Start thinking about Capital Credits

To the editor:

This letter is to all Clay-Union Co-op members.

Subject: Capital Credits

Facts: 1. All of our adjacent electric co-ops are paying back Capital Credits to their members.

2. The last time Capital Credits were paid back to living Clay-Union members was the last year I was a board member, around 1986.

3. Refund checks are just what they say they are. It is money going back to the members because they were over-charged.

4. It's easier for a manager to have small consumers as directors than to have large consumers as directors.

5. It's much harder for a larger consumer director to forget his own business, and to be 100 percent director. I know.

6. Around 5 percent of your electric bill goes to Capital Credits; that's your money.

Comments: Capital Credits should have paid up to, and in full, to the year 1978. This would mean that each generation would have paid their own way. The longer you take paying Capital Credits, the harder it is to locate recipients, meaning then that this money could go to the state of South Dakota.

Delmar Lynch

past director of Clay-Union Electric

Is parking fairly enforced?

To the editor:

While I was a student at USD it seemed that the police would treat students and local people differently for parking violations. If a car (mostly students') was left downtown after 2 a.m. it was sure to have a ticket before dawn. When I drove by churches on Sunday morning, there would be many cars (mostly local) parked on the side of the street that is posted "no parking this side of street." I never noticed a ticket on those cars. Is this fair?

If a person leaves a car downtown overnight, the driver is probably doing society a favor and should not be fined. Everyone knows the streets are not swept on Saturday or Sunday, so how could the car be a bother?

Former USD Student

Thomas L. Nepstad


Thanks for your hospitality

To the editor:

I want to thank the people of Clay County for their generosity shown to Joe Hein, staff assistant in my Sioux Falls office, during his recent travels to Wakonda and Vermillion. Following Joe's visit, I was updated as to the concerns and feedback received from Clay County residents.

Joe had the opportunity to meet with a variety of business and community leaders during his day in Clay County. He spent time in Wakonda visiting with residents about local concerns and then traveled to Vermillion to meet with local officials.

Joe discussed local law enforcement concerns with Vermillion Police Chief Bruce Plate and Clay County Deputy Sheriff Andy Howe. Also he visited with Vermillion Senior Center Director Maryln Harnois and later spoke to a group of senior citizens at the center. Joe informed me that he was able to meet and discuss the progress of the Vermillion Bridge with Randy Harper, executive director of the Vermillion Development Company; Dr. James Green, co-chair of the Newcastle Vermillion Bridge Committee; Vermillion Mayor Bill Radigan; and Commissioner Gerald Sommervold. During the afternoon, Joe met with Dave Wherry, veterans service officer and welfare director for Clay County.

My staff's Traveling Office Days help me maintain contact with all South Dakotans, not just the ones who are able to visit my Rapid City, Aberdeen or Sioux Falls offices. Again, I thank everyone who was able to meet with my staff and share your concerns with me. As always, you can call my Sioux Falls toll free number at 1-800-537-0025.


Tim Johnson

United States Senate

Senior Center invites public to sample meals

To the editor:

Vermillion community senior citizens are invited to dine at the Vermillion Senior Center. Visitors will get a firsthand view of the nutrition program that is offered to the community. The meal that you will enjoy is the same meal that is served to the "meals on wheels" program. What better way to learn about the good food than to try it firsthand?

All it takes is a phone call to 624-7868 to tell the person on the end of the line how many will be attending. The suggested donation is $2 plus 10 cents for cash match, if you are a young 60 years + and $3.87 if you are 59 years or less.

No one goes away hungry and if you are a small eater, the center's self-serve line lets you take only what you need. Sample menu incudes roast beef, fried chicken, roast pork, swiss steak, and many other wonderfully delicious entrees all served with potatoes, salad, vegetables, dessert, bread, milk and coffee.

If you need a ride the bus can pick you up for a small donation of 50 cents.

Senior Center


Researchers seek veteran information

To the editor:

I am doing an independent research project for my degree at the University of Sioux Falls, but this project is also one that is dear to my heart, and I am very much interested in your opinions. I would like to hear from female guard and reserve members as well as female regular service veterans.

If you would contact me by mail, telephone, or e-mail, I will send you my survey and a return stamped envelope for your thoughts. Your information will be kept strictly confidential, and I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.

Sandy Carlson, TSgt, USAF, Ret. PO Box 243

Parker, SD 57053-0243



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