March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month "Take a Fresh Look at Nutrition" is the theme for this year's observance of National Nutrition Month in March, said Marcy Lund, RN, Clay County community health nurse.

This year's theme reminds us that while it's important to pay attention to what we eat and how much physical activity we get, it should also be fun.

Try the following suggestions:

Make healthy choices that fit your lifestyle so you can do the things you want to do. Meal planning and preparation can be quick and easy with fresh, tasty foods.

Be realistic. Make small changes over time in what you eat and how active you are. Small steps work better than giant leaps.

Be adventurous. Expand your tastes to enjoy a variety of foods. Buy a new fruit or vegetable each time you grocery shop or eat out. Try eating a familiar food prepared in a different way. Choose different foods each day (eat different breakfast cereal or different bread or toast).

Explore the fun side of food. Eat for enjoyment and with others for social camaraderie. Take a cooking class with a friend, learn about different ethnic foods, read cookbooks, or watch a cooking show on television.

Be flexible. Go ahead and balance what you eat and your physical activity over several days. There is no need to worry about just one meal or one day.

Be sensible; don't overdo it.

Be active. Walk the dog; don't just watch the dog walk. Think positively about keeping your body in good working order. Combining nutrition and fitness makes a refreshing recipe for lifetime wellness.

For more information visit or Clay County Community Health at 605-677-6767.

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