O’Connor selected employee of year

O'Connor selected employee of year SESDAC, Inc. announces that Rennae O'Connor was selected employee of the year for 1998. O'Connor received a BA degree in Social Work from USD. She has worked at SESDAC, Inc. for the past 17 years in a variety of positions and is currently services director for the agency.

In nominating O'Connor for employee of the year, her co-workers said "She's a great mentor, she keeps this agency strong and moving forward!"

"Rennae contributes time and energy to SESDAC and taking on extra responsibilities."

"Giving 110 percent to SESDAC, being a great supervisor and friend."

"Having an open door policy, you can talk to her at any time."

"Her positive outlook on the future of our agency."

O'Connor feels the best thing about SESDAC is the consumers and their families, the staff members and the constant pursuit of excellence.

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