Parent/Teacher conferences: Getting off on the right foot

Parent/Teacher conferences: Getting off on the right foot Participating in a parent/teacher conference is one of the most important school activities in which a parent will be involved. A conference is a time of sharing which benefits the child, the parent, and the teacher.

Preparing for the conference is essential for both teacher and parent. Here are some tips that will be useful at the next parent/teacher conference.

Before the Conference

1. Decide what questions should be answered at the conference.

2. Pinpoint specific questions rather than talking in general terms.

3. Prior to the conference ask your child if there are any questions he/she would like answered.

During the Conference

1. Be on time and conclude the conference on time. The teacher is on a set schedule.

2. Relax. Teachers and parents are both striving for the same results.

3. Take notes.

4. Ask questions.

5. Enter the conference with an open mind.

6. Be a good listener.

7. Deal with facts, not rumors.

After the Conference

1. Keep the lines of communication open so that progress can be charted.

2. Follow up on suggestions made at the conference.

3. Set up another conference when necessary.

Being prepared for a parent/teacher conference can make the conference a rewarding experience. Take the time to be prepared for your child's next conference.

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