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Pulpit Reflections By the Rev. Mercy Hobbs In "The Information Age" that we live in, our sense of insight is vital to us for gathering data.

Imagine all the things that you would not be able to enjoy or even to do: watch TV, play a computer game, gaze upon a beautiful sunset, know what your sweetheart or children look like, be able to drive a car, read your favorite book and the list goes on and on. Can you really even begin to imagine what it would be like to be blind?

In the Gospel of John 9, we read a story about a blind man, someone who had been blind since birth, who was healed by Jesus, who has given the gift of sight. It was and still is clearly a miracle when someone who is blind has their sight restored, and yet as the story goes on to say, not everyone saw it as a miracle, or even if they did, could not universally agree that it was a good thing.

Many people could not believe he could possibly be the same man. He was interrogated by the Pharisees as if he were a common criminal and thrown out of the synagogue. All this because he had been blind, and was healed, was blind and now could see.

In our own faith journey with Christ there are certainly times in our lives that we all have been "blind." Blind to the love of God, in Christ, blind to the presence of Christ in ALL our brothers and sisters, blind to the many blessings that God showers us with each and every day of our lives, blind even to see ourselves as God sees us, as God's own beloved creation.

How about our own healing? We have each been blind sometimes in our own lives; we have been blind to God's will, his call to us, and to the needs of those around us.

In spite of all our sins and afflictions, I believe that we have each been offered the gift of our very own miracle, of having our sight restored. It is up to us then to decide what we will do with our healing, our blessing, our gift, our miracle.

Will we be like the blind man in the Gospel reading and welcome our new found "sight" for what it truly is, another chance missed to stand up and be counted and without a doubt or hesitation, proudly name the source of our sight, and tell the world that it is Jesus, who is the source of all our blessings, and worship and give thanks by running to follow his example to the glory of God?

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