Senate passes bill to put injunction on some zoning

Senate passes bill to put injunction on some zoning by Jaimi Reimer Citizens soon may be able to place an injunction on an emergency zoning ordinance under a bill passed March 1.

The Senate passed, 18-15, HB 1164. The bill would allow the court to place an injunction

against emergency temporary zoning ordinances while it determines if the law is necessary to protect the public health, safety and general welfare.

Under current law, emergency ordinances can be passed for one year and renewed for another year, said Rep. Kenneth Wetz, R-Newell.

�It�s important to reserve the right of the county, but there�s not many emergencies left we

need to address in that manner. There are other unpopular laws hiding behind this,� he said.

�I�ve seen abuses in our state with corporations tying up county governments,� said Sen.

Frank Kloucek, D-Scotland. �Our county commission had the wisdom and the guts to employ some of this. It�s the rights of the many vs. the rights of one or two.�

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Wetz and Sen. Arnold Brown, R-Brookings.

HB 1164 now moves to the governor for approval.

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