Stamp needed for light-goose season

Stamp needed for light-goose season Now that a spring light-goose season has been set for 1999, wildlife officials are reminding light-goose hunters that they will need to hang onto an important stamp for the first portion of the spring light-goose season.

Regional Wildlife Supervisor Arden Petersen, Sioux Falls, said hunters should be sure to keep their 1998 federal migratory bird hunting and conservation stamp, commonly called the federal waterfowl stamp or duck stamp.

"We want to be sure that everyone who is interested in the spring light-goose season retains their federal waterfowl stamp," Petersen said.

Federal waterfowl stamps purchased last fall are actually valid until June 30, 1999, and will be required if a hunter takes part in the early portion of the 1999 spring light goose season.

Light-goose hunters should note that the federal stamp will be required during the dates of Feb. 18 to March 10. After March 10, light-goose hunters will not be required to possess the federal waterfowl stamp, as the extended portion of the season has been determined by the federal government to be a conservation action.

In addition to the federal waterfowl stamp, residents will be required to purchase a combination license or a small game license, plus a migratory bird certification. Nonresidents will be required to purchase a spring light goose license.

The Game, Fish and Parks Commission finalized the light-goose season in January. The season will extend from Feb.18 through April 30. Electronic calls and unplugged shotguns have been approved for use during this hunting season.

Daily shooting hours from March 11 to April 30 have been set as one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Shooting hours from Feb. 18 to March 10, would remain as one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.

According to federal waterfowl officials, a final decision regarding these rules is expected soon.

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