Students raise funds for Heart Association

Students raise funds for Heart Association Vermillion students jumped rope and played basketball March 20 to help raise money for the American Heart Association. A 3-on-3 round robin basketball tournament was held for third-through sixth-graders.

In the girls division the "Reds" (Maggie Thorn, Amy Mart, Carrie Christensen and Michelle Olson) won first place. The "Tanagers" (Ariel Hofman, Kaili Johnson, Hannah Pommersheim, and Anne Roche) finished second. Annie Roche had the highest single round scorer in the Hot Shot Blitz contest with a score of 23. Annie also won first place in the two round final with a total score of 39.

Hannah Pommersheim was second with 33. Shannon Robinet was third with 31 points. Kaili Johnson won the free throw contest making 7/10. Shannon Robinet placed 2nd with 6/10, and Ariel Hofman finished 3rd with 5/10.

Thanks to all the girls who helped make Hoops for Heart a big success.

In the boys division, the fifth-grade team the "Enforces" (Michael Preszler, Neil Wagner, Shane Johnson, Josh Bartles) won first place. The third-grade team, the "Coyotes" (Jordan Boots, Jordan Merrigan, and Broc Gauer) finished second.

In the Hot Shot Blitz contest, Michael Preszler had the highest single score round with a score of 26. Michael Preszler and Broc Gauer tied for highest total score of 42. Broc Gauer won the playoff beating Michael Preszler 23-19. Taylor Hotz finished third with 36 points.

Josh Bartles won the free throw contest making 6/10. Kris LeRoy and T.J. Badhand tied for second making 5/10. In the playoff, Kris LeRoy won making 6/10. Thanks to all the boys who helped make Hoops for Heart a success.

The boys and girls that competed in the Hoops for Heart raised a total of $672 for the American Heart Association. Thanks for all the volunteers who helped: Chris Clark, Maegan Prickett, Jessica Brouwer, Wendy Johnson, Lynn Lewison, Pat Lewison, Kelly Knutson, Kelly Fischbach, Terri Scott and Lori Jerred.

A special thanks to all the boys and girls who participated in the their effort in the Jump Rope for Heart fund raiser. The jump ropers raised a total of $1,835.

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