VHS vocalists find success at contest

VHS vocalists find success at contest The Vermillion High School Music Department's vocal division had a very successful Region I contest at Yankton this year. The contest was held Feb. 17 at Yankton's new high school.

"This is always a good time for students to work on their own projects," Vocal Director Jeanne Dahlin said. "Soloists and groups do a lot of different styles of music from vocal jazz and Broadway duets to traditional Italian and German songs."

Vermillion High School took 65 vocal events to the contest and brought back 46 Division 1 ratings.

In addition, a vocal solo by Mara Schwartz and a duet by Hannah Gehm and Patrick Ireland received a one plus from their respective judges.

Students participating can be seen at the music department's Evening of the Stars along with instrumentalists who will participate in the Region I Instrumental Contest March 9 at USD. Evening of the Stars is March 7.

Results of Solo-ensemble contest. Division 1 ratings in solo: Audra Vaillancourt, 12; Audrey Foltz, 9; Erin Conlon, 11; Hannah Gehm, 11; Alison Obr, 9; Risa Collins, 11; Alexis Lang, 9; Vani Ramakrishna, 12; Kendra Korte, 12; Steve Russell, 12; Tim Goodman, 10; Thom Kolbeck, 11; Dan Necklace, 11; Adam Nelson, 10; Weston Olson, 12; Patrick Ireland, 11; Anne Bickel, 9; Cristina Wells, 10; Sarah Peabody, 11; and Mara Schwartz, 12 who received a one plus.

Division 2 ratings in solo: Sarah Decker, 10; Wendy Bromwich, 10; Amy Berg, 11; Chelsea King, 10; Rhiannon Chandler, 10; Jennifer Dickenson, 10; Jason Johnson, 12; Nick Pommersheim, 12; Todd Stephens, 11; Jon Hoadley, 9; Amy O'Conner, 12; Kirsten Korte, 10; Dariel Weaver, 11.

Piano solos receiving division 1 ratings: Dariel Weaver , Kendra Korte, Vicki Lio.

Duets receiving Division 1 ratings: Tayna Johnson and Andrea Van Eye, Jon Hoadley and Dariel Weaver, Kate and Bridget Jacobs, Tanya Johnson and Seth Phillips, Amy Berg and Christina Wells, Nick and Kate Pommersheim, Kendra Korte and Tanya Johnson, Amy O'Conner and Weston Olson, Patrick Ireland and Hannah Gehm, Erin Conlon and Thom Kolbeck, Dan Necklace and Risa Collins, Alison Knutson and Hannah Gehm, Patrick Ireland and Weston Olson, Tim Margheim and Steve Russell.

Duets receiving Division 2 ratings: Erin Mortenson and Kalli Hammer, Sarah Hoadley and Andrea Van Eye, Rhiannon Chandler and Nick Pommersheim, Kendra Korte and Erin Conlon.

Groups Receiving Division 1 ratings:

Mixed ensemble: Erin Conlon, Dariel Weaver, Steve Russel, Jon Hoadley, Dan Necklace, Nick Pommersheim, Kendra Korte, and Rhiannon Chandler.

Trio: Kate Pommersheim, Alexis Lang, and Margaret Paulson.

Quartet: Amanda Gertonson, Carey Engstrom, Mary Nelson, and Amber Reisdorph.

Trio: Rhiannon Chandler, Vani Ramakrishna, and Stacy Miskimmins.

Quartet: Amanda Gertonson, Amber Reisdorph, Jeanette Nygaard, and Meryll Kennedy.

Large Group: Anne Bickle, Audrey Foltz, Amanda Gertonson, Amber Reisdorph, Jeannette Nygaard, Meryll Kennedy, Carey Engstrom, Mary Nelson, Meggie Paulson, Kate Pommersheim, Alexis Lang, Erin Mortenson and Kalli Hammer.

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