Activities scheduled to help beautify Vermillion

Activities scheduled to help beautify Vermillion by David Lias Vermillion�s Solid Waste Department has scheduled special events this month, including spring clean-up days, to help celebrate Earth Day and promote the beautification of the community.

Spring clean-up will be promoted beginning in mid-April. The Vermillion/Clay Landfill and Missouri Valley Recycling Center will be open extended hours, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., on April 16-17 and April 23-24.

The center will be accepting free yard waste at those times. An open house will also be held at the Missouri River Recycling Stop April 24. The public is invited to stop at the recycling center�s Education Center for coffee and to receive a free gift.

Clean your files day

Missouri Valley Recycling and the Vermillion Post Office are also sponsoring a promotion to encourage people to clean their office and business files.

Citizens are urged to look for the �Clean Your Files Day� display at the Vermillion Post Office the week of April 19-23, and become educated on the importance of recycled paper to the community.

There will be a one-day drop-off for office paper at the post office on Thursday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A boxed file collection drop-off will be provided at the Vermillion Post Office parking lot.

The special events planned at the landfill and by the Missouri Valley Recycling Center coincide with the nation�s annual celebration of Earth Day.

Vermillion Solid Waste Director Phyllis Packard notes that Earth Day is usually celebrated on or about April 23 throughout the United States. It is an appropriate time, she said, for the city�s solid waste department to promote the ongoing programs of responsible landfill management and recycling.

Packard shared statistics that demonstrate the importance of recycling paper rather than having it wind up in a landfill.

Americans throw out enough paper in one year to fill the Empire State Building 22 times, or build a wall 10 feet high from Los Angeles to New York City.

Recycling is a major revenue source for the Missouri Valley Recycling facility, Packard added. The sale of recycled paper provides between 50 to 60 percent of the facility�s operating budget.

Recycling rules

The Missouri Valley Recycling facility accepts these sorted materials to be recycled: office white paper, office shred paper, pastel office paper with file folders and window envelopes, magazines (except for Readers Digest) and books.

Paper may contain staples, but there are some items that must be removed before office paper is accepted at the recycling facility.

Those items include paper clips, rubber bands, plastic laminated edges, tabs or coating, florescent or deep/bright colored paper, construction paper or wrapping paper and art projects containing crayon, marker, paint, glues or tape.

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