April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month Governor Janklow has declared April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in South Dakota.

April will be celebrated as Child Abuse Prevention Month throughout the country as a month-long observance that was first designated by presidential proclamation in 1983. Since then, Child Protection Teams throughout South Dakota have joined during April to raise the public's awareness of child abuse prevention.

"Over a million children are abused and neglected in the United States each year, and three children die every day as a result," Governor Janklow said in signing the proclamation.

"In South Dakota alone, the Department of Social Services initiated 7,642 child abuse investigations or assessments last year" (July 1997-June 1998), Governor Janklow said.

Recognizing the importance of children will be the focus of activities promoted by many Child Protection Teams during April. Activities include poster contests, special educational programs about child abuse and neglect, public service announcements and messages distributed on t-shirts, buttons and grocery bags.

In addition, communities are encouraged to set aside time in their churches and schools to highlight the need for increased awareness of the community's role in keeping all children safe and to promote the message that child abuse and neglect can be prevented, the governor said.

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