Board adopts rules for meeting behavior

Board adopts rules for meeting behavior by David Lias People who attend meetings of the Vermillion School Board in the future needn�t worry about the proper etiquette for giving feedback to the governing body.

The board agreed Monday to adopt a set of rules that spells out what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable at a board meeting.

At school board meetings from now on, guests may pick up a pamphlet that defines the body�s operating procedure.

The pamphlets note that meetings of the Vermillion School Board are structured to allow the board to conduct public business. They also state that the meetings are open to the public, but are not to be confused with public forums.

The following guidelines will apply at future meetings when citizens comment about agenda items during public participation:

? Citizens who desire to address the board should have been placed upon the agenda 72 hours in advance of the meeting. Citizens who desire to speak to an item not on the agenda may do so if recognized by the board president. The time allowed may be limited by the board president and no board action will result at the meeting.

? Each person who is on the agenda may be given a limited time to speak.

? Matters that can be handled through the system chain of command or complaint policy should not be included in citizens� participation.

? The board will not permit speakers to become personally abusive of individual board members or board employees.

? When several citizens wish to address the same topic or issue, the board reserves the right to limit discussion if it becomes repetitive. The board also reserves the right to determine the number of times it will revisit any given issues.

? When issues arise that stimulate high community interest, the board may schedule special meetings specifically to invite public comment.

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