Carlson completes Navy basic training

Carlson completes Navy basic training Navy Seaman Recruit Jonathan L. Carlson, son of Sandi Carlson of Vermillion, recently completed U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL.

During the eight-week program, Carlson completed a variety of training which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, fire fighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. An emphasis is also placed on physical fitness.

Carlson and other recruits also received instruction on the Navy's core values � honor, courage and commitment � and how to apply them in their military performance and personal conduct. Carlson joins 55,000 men and women who will enter the Navy this year from all over the country.

Men and women train together from their first day in the Navy just as they do aboard ships and at shore commands around the world. To reinforce the team concept, Carlson and other recruits also were trained in preventing sexual harassment and ensuring equal opportunity.

Even as the naval service gets smaller over the next few years, highly motivated young people like Carlson are still finding an opportunity to improve their knowledge and education as they become part of the most highly technical naval force in history. This year alone the Navy will have more than 57,000 job openings and opportunities which include guaranteed training.

He is a 1998 graduate of Beresford High School.

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