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Scars of Sweet Paradise: the Life and Times of Janis Joplin, by Alice Echols, pushes beyond the legendary Joplin. This chronicle is a deeply affecting biography of one of America's most brilliant and tormented stars, and is also the account of an era that changed the world for all of us. Echols reveals how this sweet-voiced girl from Texas recreated herself, first as a gravelly-voiced bluesy folksinger, and then as rock 'n' roll's first female superstar.

Author Thomas Maier draws the first complete picture of a complicated man who may have had a greater effect on the everyday lives of more people than any other American. Dr. Spock: an American Life, shows Benjamin Spock as a revolutionary, a magnet for controversy, and the first pediatrician to apply Freud's theories of psychology to children. Even more startling, however, is Spock's troubled personal life, the breakdown of his first wife, and her role in the writing of Baby and Child Care, his own failures as a husband and father, his marriage to a much younger woman and the suicide of his grandson, Peter. This is an extraordinarily honest book that makes an important contribution to our understanding of child-rearing in America.


April is Amnesty Month at the Vermillion Public Library. There will be no fines on returned materials during this time. Please call the library at 677-7060 if you have any questions.

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