Clay-Union Electric holds annual meeting

Clay-Union Electric holds annual meeting "Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and Commitment to Community � Your Cooperative Values" was the theme of Clay-Union Electric's 63rd annual meeting that was held in Gayville on March 30.

Over 400 people were in attendance at the new Gayville-Volin School to hear about the operation of their electric cooperative from Board President Dan O'Connor and Manager Paul Roberts.

In regular business of the meeting, Clay-Union Electric members re-elected Milo Gilbertson as director of District #3 to a three-year term. Gilbertson ran unopposed in the election.

O'Connor said the cooperative enjoyed another successful year in 1998. This marked the 11th consecutive year of stable rates.

"Clay-Union Electric met all the requirements of our lenders and we were also able to return $120,000 of excess margins to the members. This is the fifth consecutive year excess margins were returned to the members, these refunds have now exceeded $1 million," he said.

Scott Parsley, East River Electric's assistant general manager for member services, provided the power supplier report. Parsley discussed the issues of deregulation in the electric industry and the Touchstone Energy branding program.

"Touchstone Energy is helping to distinguish electric cooperatives as the preferred providers in the increasingly competitive electric utility industry," he said.

Parsley congratulated Clay-Union Electric on another successful year and said that East River appreciates the opportunity to serve Clay-Union Electric.

Roberts provided the manager's report. "During 1998, Clay-Union Electric was successful because it met all its financial obligations, had its third highest sales year, and completed a wide range of work activities to maintain the system and improve quality of service," he said. Roberts added that quality of service and maintaining stable rates for the past 11 years were an important part of Clay-Union Electric's mission. He also stated that the cooperative would have rate stability through the year 2001.

Roberts also stated the cooperative's newest venture into Direct Broadcast Satellite Television is providing superior entertainment to over 1,300 subscribers in Clay and Union counties. The success of the satellite television program and the wiring department both make strong financial contributions to the cooperative.

Roberts reminded the membership that "Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and Commitment to Community" are the Touchstone Energy values that are provided by the locally owned and operated cooperative. "These are the values that have been our focus in the past and are unchanged today and will be unchanged in the future," he said.

Roberts thanked the cooperative membership for attending the meeting and for their support throughout the year. He also recognized the employees and board of directors for their dedication to the cooperative and the membership.

The Gayville Legion Auxiliary and Wakonda Knights of Columbus prepared the evening meal for 400 members. The Gayville-Volin cheerleaders helped by providing a children's program during the business meeting.

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