Clubs Centerville Christian Women's Brunch

The Centerville Christian Women's Club invites women of the area to an "Added Touch Brunch" on April 14 at 9:30 a.m. We will be meeting at the Pascale Memorial Hall. Scherenschnitte will be our special feature for the morning. For those of you who don't know German, that is the name for paper cutting. This art will be demonstrated by Chris Wevik of Beresford. A "Touch of Music" will be sung by Paul Lee of Prairie Village, KS. A "Touch of Inspiration" will be given by Peggy Lee also of Prairie Village as she shares with us about "Detours." We hope you can come and bring a friend. To make a reservation for the brunch and free nursery please call Stella Skogen at 263-3562 by April 12.

Coyote Cubs

The Coyote Cubs met on March 18. The meeting was called to order and flag pledges were said.

Demonstrations were done by Karen Lynch on carmel nibbles, Tony Hubert on cinni-minnies and Chris Lynch on the basics of a small gas engine.

At the next meeting on April 15 members will meet at 6 p.m. at the 4-H center to pick up trash around the fairgrounds. At 7 p.m., the Coyote Cubs will then have their meeting at the Safety Center.

Clay County Elephant Club

Clay County Elephant Club met on Friday, March 27 at the Silver Dollar meeting room. Midge Carlson, president, presided at the meeting. Wilbur Tiahrt gave the invocation and led the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Carlson reported on the Lincoln Day dinner and announced that a Legislative Appreciation Dinner would be held on April 26. Rep. Roger Hunt, speaker of the S.D. House of Representatives, will be the speaker of the evening. Tickets will be $25 each, or $40 per couple.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science Alan Clem gave his analysis of the 1998 election. He distributed copies of his published paper on the topic. He stated the advantage of incumbency was clearly seen in the results, noting that several of the candidates in the statewide races had won by record margins. Clem said that campaign finance reform at the national level was a pressing need. He proposed several changes which would reduce the advantages of incumbency and allow for greater focus on issues. Members of the audience took part in a lively discussion.

Vermillion Lions Club

The Vermillion Lions Club held its Annual Ugly Tie contest at the regular meeting on April 1 at the VFW club rooms. Lion President Art Rusch presided. Guests were Joe Reed and Barbara Campbell.

Lions Julie Potter, Gloria Christopherson and Deb Carlin were assisted by Barbara Campbell in judging the Ugly Tie Contest. Allen Johnson and Ron Thaden were the prize winners.

Lion Young Moore announced that new table had been ordered to augment those in use at the National Guard Armory and that they would be ready for the Pancake Days. Also, final touches were being made on the new pancake grills the club has purchased. Lion Jack Doyle reported on the plans for the next Pancake Days scheduled for April 14 and 15. Assignment sheets were distributed to the members.

Vice-president Julie Potter presented the nominating committee report. Nominations may also be made from the floor for the election which will be held on the first Thursday in May.

Lion Curt Schempp introduced the program speaker, Chuck Wray of Elk Point, treasurer of the S.D. Lions Foundation. Wray talked about the Mobile Screening Unit which is owned by the Foundation. New technology is being added to improve the services of the screening unit. A short video was shown illustrating the work of the unit. Currently, the mobile unit does checks on blood pressure, diabetes (blood sugar), vision, glaucoma and hearing. Wray explained the mobile unit is manned by trained volunteers. The results of the various tests are provided to the client who is advised to see his/her doctor for follow-up evaluation and treatment. The members expressed an interest in bringing the mobile unit to Vermillion for the spring Pancake Days. The annual cost of operation of the unit is estimated at $75,000 per year.

Vermillion Rotary Club

General Lloyd Moses briefed his fellow Rotarians Tuesday noon on implications of Europe's move to develop a fully integrated nation to replace the traditional nation states of that continent.

One step at a time almost 30 countries are giving up their historic sovereignty. Adoption of the Euro-dollar as common currency is a recent and celebrated example of ongoing progress. Only a few countries are fully committed to the concept of complete unity, but none of those invited to participate has turned it down flatly.

Future stumbling blocks to be resolved before a fully independent nation is created, according to Moses, include taxation, treaty-making, how to handle present and future sizable migrations into Europe and convincing the people of each country that complete unity among nations is in their best interests.

A European continent united from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains would be the richest country in the world, control the largest trading bloc and have a population about 50 percent larger than the United States.

Rotary guests at the Silver Dollar this week were students Megan Ellis, Molly Meyers and Shorey Tuetken from Vermillion High School.

Vermillion Garden Club

The Vermillion Garden Club will meet at the Vermillion Public Library. Bring your glue gun and tack hammer. Anyone is welcome. For more information, call 624-8556.

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