Day care center construction being planned for Vermillion

Day care center construction being planned for Vermillion by David Lias Dave and Amy Hertz of Vermillion plan to break new ground soon not only for a new building, but some new, state-of-the-art practices in child care.

They plan to construct the Little Yotes Day Care Center at 505 Stanford Street in Vermillion.

�We have yet to build it,� said Dave Hertz, who also owns and operates Midwest Homes in Vermillion said. �We hope to have it open by mid-August or early September. We�ll have our groundbreaking in the next couple of weeks.�

When completed, the day care�s building will offer about 5,000 square feet of space, he said.

�We�re licensed to accept from 75 to 100 kids,� Hertz said.

Little Yotes will probably have from 10 to 15 employees, he said, depending on the number of children and their age groups. The center will accept children ages 4 weeks and up.

Parental involvement

The Hertzes feel that involvement from parents will be vital for the day care to be successful. They plan to form a panel made up of parents who bring their children to Little Yotes. This panel will meet monthly to discuss any concerns they may have and offer ideas to help improve the center.

The new day care center will also hold individual conferences between parents and day care providers to discuss children�s care.

Unique technology

Parents also will have the ability to check on their children while they are at the center thanks to some unique technology that the Hertzes plan to implement.

Little Yotes will have its own web site. By logging on to the Internet, parents can keep track of such general information as lunch menus, planned activities and special events.

For a small fee, parents can gain access to more specialized information by using a personalized pin number which unlocks only their child�s records.

The pin number will allow parents to access any notes or comments logged down by the staff throughout the day.

In addition to receiving written information regarding their children�s daily activities, parents will also have the opportunity to see and hear what their children are doing at any given time of day thanks to live video coverage over the Internet.

�If you go on the World Wide Web, it�s easy to find sites that offer web cams,� Hertz said. �We just thought that we might as well have a web cam in the center.�


The new day care center will be equipped, Hertz said, with a stimulating environment including the latest technology, educational toys, and a trained staff which will plan a variety of educational activities.

The center will feature a computer system equipped with the latest educational computer programs, Hertz said, which will allow children of all ages to take part in a variety of activities.

Children at the center will also have the opportunity to send pictures, cards and letters to friends and family via e-mail with the assistance of staff. Parents will be encouraged to compile a list of e-mail addresses of family and friends along with any special dates they would like the center to know about.

Meals and toys

Little Yotes Day Care Center will provide a mid-morning snack, a lunch, and an afternoon snack for children at no extra charge. The center will also try to accommodate any special diets if necessary.

Parents of children who are not yet eating table food must bring food and drink. The formula and food will be stored in a refrigerator.

Children may bring a favorite toy with the understanding that it will be shared with other children at the center. Little Yotes will not be responsible for lost or broken toys, and it reserves the right to deny any toys brought to the center that may inflict harm to other children.

Other services

The Little Yotes Day Care Center will provide group transportation to and from school and summer time recreational activities provided by the Vermillion Parks and Recreation Department. The center will also be taking groups of children on field trips from time to time. Before any excursion, parents will be notified and a permission slip must be signed.

Little Yotes Day Care will be cleaned and disinfected every evening after the center is closed. The center�s bathrooms will be disinfected periodically during the day, and all state and health requirements will be met.

The Hertzes� plans include high standards for the people who will staff the center. People employed at Little Yotes will first be interviewed by the center�s director, and must meet all state regulations.

�We feel it�s very important that each staff member has a true love of children,� the Hertzes state in a brochure about their proposed day care center, �and is of impeccable character because they will be spending time with impressionable children, and should be looked up to as role models.�

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