English instructor named teacher of the year

English instructor named teacher of the year Growing up in a house next to the USD Medical School with 10 brothers and sisters, English Instructor Suzanne Radigan said she was "always at the edges of the U."

Now Radigan is teacher of the year at the institution she once saw as "a holy place."

While she rarely spent time on the campus as a child, Radigan said "it is kind of wonderful to teach in a place that seemed like a church."

It was literature that first attracted Radigan to teaching.

"I spent my childhood reading' I spent my adolescence reading, and I wanted to find a way to spend my adulthood reading." she said.

Since 1988 the English department has employed Radigan, who received her undergraduate and master's degree in English from USD, as a full-time instructor. She teaches honors English and literature.

She is also the honors liaison for the English department.

"I think we teachers sometimes create a mystique about the arts that is regrettable," Radigan said.

Radigan credits her colleagues as inspiration.

"They are an example to me, a help to me," Radigan said.

She said she was chosen because she has great students.

"Any teacher would tell you that an honor from students is the only honor that matters," she said.

Radigan was selected as teacher of the year by Swingout. Swingout committee members include Student Association President Erica Schipper; SA Vice President Ross Wright; Jeff Steichen, SA student and internal affairs chair; SA Finance Chair Aaron Christianson and Mortar Board President Jill Novotny.

Schipper said Radigan was chosen because of so many good comments from students.

"She seems to inspire her students and have a position of impact on their lives," Schipper said.

Two of Radigan's former students, sophomores Rich Adams and Amy Samuelson, had positive recollections of Radigan's classes.

"She was a sweet teacher," Adams said.

Samuelson took Radigan's class on a friend's recommendation.

"That was the highlight class my freshman year," Samuelson said. "She is very good at getting the class to participate in conversation."

For the future, Radigan wants to try to be a better teacher.

"I would like to stay here. Get old here. I would like to every year think I learn things from my students, and I do, about teaching and learning," she said.

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