Jon Crane to visit Tigert Art Gallery

Jon Crane to visit Tigert Art Gallery by David Lias Famed South Dakota painter Jon Crane will be guest artist at the Tigert Art Gallery, 22 W. Main, Vermillion, on Saturday, April 17, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Crane has painted several South Dakota scenes, including Prairie Prelude, which includes a country church near Volin.

He was also commissioned in 1997 to paint America�s Holiday Tree � the Christmas tree that went to our nation�s capital from the Black Hills.

Some his most recent works include paintings of scenes of the George S. Mickelson trail in the Black Hills. These prints include In Good Company and A Gift of Solitude.

People who stop by at Tigert Art Gallery to meet Crane on Saturday will have the opportunity to see the new prints and participate in a drawing for The Gathering, one of Crane�s valuable, sold out limited edition prints.

People will receive a free signed mini with the purchase of a Crane limited edition the day of the show, and will also receive 15 percent off framing of Crane limited editions purchased the day of the show.

Many Crane originals will be on display and for sale. A framed Heartland Legacy limited edition print with four remarques (hand drawn sketches by Crane of the Legacy Series) will be on display and for sale.

A large inventory of Crane�s prints will be in stock at the Tigert Art Gallery. Crane will double sign prints and do personalizations. Refreshments will be served.

Crane is well known for his detailed watercolors of rural America. He works exclusively in watercolor, combining washes and dry-brush, using the subtle hues of watercolor on the subjects he loves so well.

His large, finely detailed scenes are his trademark. It is not unusual for him to spend several hundred hours on a single piece.

Crane was born in New Jersey in 1948, and left the crowded East for open spaces of the West in 1967. After earning a B.A. in fine arts from the University of Northern Colorado in 1971, he spent the next five years as an Air Force pilot, logging combat missions in Southeast Asia.

He left the military in 1975 and has been a full-time artist since 1976. He now makes his home in the Black Hills, where he has built a home and studio of his own design along a secluded stream.

Crane has painted hundreds of watercolors and has published limited editions since 1979. Over half of these limited editions are sold out, with several selling on the secondary market for over 10 times their issue price. His work is currently available in hundreds of galleries around the nation.

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