Kruse reaches bowling perfection

Kruse reaches bowling perfection After years of being the highest average bowler in Vermillion, with an average over 210, Mike Kruse had accomplished many things in his bowling career. With numerous league championships, a state championship in the team event, trophies, plaques and much more, he has had a good bowling career.

There is one thing that Mike has been trying for that had so far eluded him � a perfect 300 game. After coming close many times, Mike achieved his goal of perfection on Monday Night Mixed League on April 12. Fittingly, his 300 helped his Pump 'n Pak mixed team win the league championship.

The race has been on between Mike and his teenage son, Michael, to see who would get their 300 first. Michael has also flirted with 300 on several occasions, but it looks as though the son will have to walk in his father's footsteps; he has already found the same love of the game his father has, and the two can't wait to bowl together after Michael leaves the junior league program.

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