Letters Appreciation expressed for school bond support

To the editor:

On behalf of the Board of Education and the staff, we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the support received on the recent school bond election. The facilities expansion project will enhance the entire high school program of academics, arts and athletics.

A number of citizens have asked the question as to what happens next? The school board will pass a resolution for the bonds on April 26 in order to secure a favorable interest rate. The architects will begin to develop specifications for bidding the project. Bidding should take place in late summer, early fall. Construction should begin in the fall and continue until the project is complete in the autumn of 2000.

The entire project may not be completed by the time school begins in 2000, but by December it is expected that total completion will have occurred. The library and commons will be completed when school begins in August of 2000. Thank you again for your support.

Thomas Craig

School Board president

Robert Mayer

Superintendent of Schools

Vermillion group requests river stories

To the editor:

We are a group of citizens from Vermillion, South Dakota. The Missouri River runs below our town. We canoe its waters, walk its sandbars, fish, camp and observe birdlife. We call our group the Living River, one of three Sierra Club Chapters in South Dakota. Our chapter wants to help preserve the unique ecosystem of this still flowing section of the Missouri.

One of our aims is to collect, edit, write and publish stories about the Missouri River, its flora, fauna and the experiences of people living near it. The Missouri Living River Voices will become an archive of personal experiences from the region. If you are interested in sharing stories from the past to the present we are collecting taped recordings (we can also record your story with you), written stories, copies of old photographs and drawings. The Vermillion Public Library has agreed to keep these sources in their South Dakota Room.

Please send your information to: Living River Voices, 31275 Saginaw Avenue, Vermillion, SD 57069 or e-mail to: tallonelizabeth@hotmail.com or leave a phone message at 605-624-5244.

We want to publish one story every month.

Cathy Beard


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