Tanager tennis team bounces back with win

Tanager tennis team bounces back with win by Jim Prosser The VHS tennis varsity team doesn't let a little �bump in its path� slow down its progress in improving its dual meet record to 4 and 2 April 26.

Another victory over Sioux City North High School gave the Tanagers a 3-0 result against Sioux City.

In singles, Ross Rocklin (N), defeated Matt Rongstad 6/0, 6/0; Troy Rickord (V) defeated Mike Fredregill 10/7 (choosing a �first to 10� match); Beau Blouin (V) defeated Kris Yarte 6/0, 6/1; Jay Merrigan (V) defeated Derek Benson 7/6 99/70, 7/5; Eric Schaner (V) defeated Casey Mills 6/1, 6/2; Mike Steel (N) defeated Spader 7/5, 6/2 and Tim Fredregill (N) defeated Eric Rickord 10/7.

In doubles: Rocklin � M.Fredregill (N) defeated Rongstad � T. Rickord 13/12 (9/7); Blouin � Merrigan (V) defeated Yarte � Benson 10/4; and Shaner � Spader (V) defeated Mills � Steel 13/11.

The singles score was Vermillion 4, Sioux City North 2; The doubles score was Vermillion 2, Sioux City North 1. The total team score was Vermillion 6, Sioux City North 3.

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