USD dean awarded blue ribbon honor at convention

USD dean awarded blue ribbon honor at convention A presentation on the critical role of distance learning in the future has earned University of South Dakota Dean of Continuing Education Janet Lewis a Blue Ribbon Award at the recent Annual Lifelong Learning Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to chairing the program and moderating the discussion, Lewis assembled the three panelists from North America, including Dr. Paul Gough, director of policy and planning for the South Dakota Board of Regents.

The presentation, "The Critical Role of Continuing Education in Transforming Higher Education in the Next Millennium," received greater than a 4.0 score on a 5.0 scale and was rated among the top ten best of the conference, based on evaluations from conference participants.

Universities will utilize various forms of off-campus delivery in the future as a way of catering to the needs of an increasingly fast-paced society, according to Lewis. Her presentation centered on how the future will dictate that people will need to continually update and enhance their education and skills throughout their lifetimes. Therefore, Lewis said, increasing access to education through non-traditional means, such as on-line, Internet, telecourses and independent study will become the norm.

"It was my pleasure to assemble such a dynamic and visiouary group of speakers who identified student-centered, outcome-oriented and market driven factors as central to higher education in the future," Lewis said.

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