USD employees honored April 22 and 29

USD employees honored April 22 and 29 The University of South Dakota honored employees during the annual Employee Recognition Reception on April 29 and during the Employee Recognition Reception in Sioux Falls on April 22.

Recognized for their years of service to the University were:

Academic Affairs, 10 years: Darlene D. Bottolfson, School of Business; Leonard Bruguier, Institute of American Indian Studies; John W. Carlson, Dean of Arts and Sciences; Jon Carpenter, School of Business; Karen Dougherty, School of Business; Kathy Hankel, nursing; Mary Ann Hart, School of Law; Jay A. Heath, School of Education (Educational Administration); Constance L. Hoag, School of Education (Curriculum and Instruction); Gerald A. Jacobs, psychology; Romney Jones, CIDD/Educational Media Center; Denise R. Knutson, School of Business; Clayton Lehmann, history; Richard A. McBride, computer science; Margaret Quintal, Institute of American Indian Studies; Larry B. Schou, music; Susanne L. Skyrm, music; Donald Tate, social behavior; Audrey Ticknor, dental hygiene; Perry L. Uhl, School of Education (Educational Administration);

Academic Affairs, 15 years: David Day, School of Law; Jacquelin Dunn, School of Business; Diane Hoadley, School of Business; Marti Pollard, dental hygiene; Diane Sevening, alcohol and drug abuse studies; Franklin Slagle, School of Law; Randall Stuefen, School of Business;

Academic Affairs, 20 years: Kathleen Anderson, I.D. Weeks Library; Margaret Downie Banks, Center for Study of History of Musical Instruments; Lawrence Bradley, social behavior; Nancy J. Kniffen Craig, School of Business; Frank Cunningham, English; Catherine Flum, computing services; Janet Hilderbrand, mass communication; Marjorie Ellen Iverson, I.D. Weeks Library; Carol Knutson, I.D. Weeks Library; Frank Main, School of Education (Counseling and Psychology in Education); LeRoy Meyer, philosophy; Randal Quevillon, psychology; Mary Radigan, English; Raymond John Ring, School of Business; Charles Schwartz, social behavior; Candice Spurlin, law library; Patricia Ann Twedt, educational resources center; Ann Ward, School of Business; Norma Wilson, English;

Academic Affairs, 25 years: Jan Berkhout, psychology; Dennis Chandler, theatre; Orla Christensen, School of Education (Counseling and Psychology in Education); Joan England, School of Education (Counseling and Psychology in Education); Delores A. Jorgensen, School of Law Library; Cynthia K. Madsen, computing services,; Karen McDowell, School of Business; Lawrence Mitchell, music; Michael Roche, political science; Susan Wolfe, English;

Academic Affairs, 30 years: Frank Aiello, music; Joseph R. Edelen Jr., I.D. Weeks Library; Wayne H. Evens, School of Education (Educational Administration); Thomas J. Gasque, English; John Hagemann, School of Law Library; Gene B. Iverson, School of Business; Charles Roegiers, School of Business; Robert W. Wood Jr., computer science; Robert Wood, School of Education (Curriculum and Instruction); Benno Wymar, School of Business;

Academic Affairs, 40 years: Charles Kaufman, Associate vice president;

Finance and Administration, 10 years: Carol A. Carlson, business office; Kathleen Hasenbank facilities management; Sheila Lambert, business office; James Moore, auxiliary services; Carol Stevens, business office; Carla Stokely, facilities management;

Finance and Administration, 15 years: Barbara Jacobson, facilities management; Kevin Millage, facilities management; Ronald Prusa, facilities management;

Finance and Administration, 20 years: Gene Allstot, budget, finance and institutional research; Gary Dahlin, facilities management; Michael Rath, facilities management; Debra Schulz, accounting; Susan Taylor, auxiliary services; Richard Wearne II, facilities management;

Academic Affairs, 25 years: Leann Buum, budget, finance and institutional research; James Doohen, facilities management; John Jordt, facilities management; Douglas Severson, facilities management;

Finance and Administration, 30 years: Karen Fuller, personnel; Linda Olson, Business office;

Student Life, 15 years; Billie James, Upward Bound;

Student Life, 20 years; Marcine Namanny, student union;

School of Medicine, 10 years: Loraine Hartig, family medicine; Judith A. Sullivan, medical student affairs; Shannon Hirsh, biochemistry and molecular biology; Stephen Haas, internal medicine; Brian Hurley, internal medicine; Sharon Wieman, physician assistant; Kathleen Eyster, physiology and pharmacology; Carol A. Christianson, obstetrics/gynecology; David Munson, pediatrics; Steven Waller, physiology and pharmacology; Michael Kauker, physiology and pharmacology; Joanne Tichota-Lee, laboratory medicine; William Cafruny, microbiology; Larry Schafer, internal medicine; Gerald Yutrzenka, physiology and pharmacology; Lois Oendegraft, health services library;

School of Medicine, 20 years: W. Vail Williams, psychiatry; Roger W. Koment, psychiatry; Lawrence J. Fenton, pediatrics; Jill Amdahl, medical school finance;

School of Medicine, 25 years: Frank Brady, Office of the Dean, health science;

School of Medicine, 35 years: Lena Rosenbaum, microbiology;

University Relations, Intercollegiate Athletics, 10 years: David Boots, intercollegiate athletics; Kyle Johnson, intercollegiate athletics; University Relations, 35 years: Nancy McCahren, alumni.

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