USD Upward Bound offers Summer Food Service program

USD Upward Bound offers Summer Food Service program The University of South Dakota Upward Bound and National Youth Sports Program announces the sponsorship of the Summer Food Service Program this summer. Meals and/or snacks will be served to all enrolled children at no additional charge, at the commons Dining Hall at Plum and Cherry Streets. Contact Gale Wiedow at 677-5336.

The site is applying to receive USDA reimbursements for meals served to eligible children in an effort to keep fees at a minimum. Families with children participating in this program will be asked to complete Parent Income Statements to determine the number of meals eligible for U.S. Department of Agriculture reimbursement. All information will remain confidential. The following income guidelines will be used to make that determination (children who are members of households receiving food stamps, TANF, or commodities on reservations, are automatically eligible to recieve free meal benefits):

SFSP income eligibility guidelines (Effective Summer of 1999); 1, $14,893; 2, $20,073; 3, $25,253; 4 $30,433; 5 $35,613; 6 $40,793; 7 $45,973; 8 $51,153. Each additional family member add $5,180 *A family of one is a child living alone or a foster child.

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