VHS tennis loses to Sioux Falls Washington

VHS tennis loses to Sioux Falls Washington by Jim Prosser The VHS Tennis varsity team had its three match winning streak halted by a set-back at Sioux Falls Washington, with a 7 to 2 loss Thursday, April 22. The season dual record stands at 3 and 2.

Singles results: #1) Chris Ordal (W) defeated Eric Rickord 6/0, 6/3; #2) Tom Jelsma (W) defeated Troy Rickord 6/3, 5/7, 6/4; #3) Jeff Holzwarth (W) defeated Beau Blouin 7/6, 6/1; #4) Jay Merrigan (V) defeated Cole Smith (W) 6/2, 6/3; #5) Kris Hodgson (W) defeated Joe Eckert 6/1, 6/0; #6) Dave Medema (W) defeated Eric Schaner 6/3, 6/0.

Doubles: Ordal � Jelsma (W) defeated Rickord � Rickord 6/1, 6/2; Merrigan � Blouin (V) defeated Hodgson � Holzwarth 6/2, 1/6, 6/3; and Smith _ Medema (W) defeated Eckert � Schaner.

The final results are not a fair indicator of the closeness of the games and the exciting tennis played. The match was played in cold and windy conditions!

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