VMS band students have superior contest day

VMS band students have superior contest day Vermillion Middle School seventh – and eighth-grade band students participated in the South Dakota Bandmasters Association solo and ensemble contest in Canton on April 10. The VMS entries, instructed by Becky Rider and accompanied by Dave Kulm, received 25 superior (I) ratings, five excellent (II) ratings, and one good (III) rating.

Four VMS entries received I + ratings. The I+ soloists were seventh-graders Katie Cafruny (flute) and Jessica Leffers (clarinet), and the I+ ensemble members were seventh-graders Whitney Lawrence and Sarah Gregg (flute/clarinet duet) and eighth-graders Deanna Russell and Victoria Collins (flute duet).

Seventh-grade soloists receiving superior ratings were: Hilary Babcock (oboe), Heather Heine (clarinet), Colette Joy (alto saxophone), Jessica Leffers (alto saxophone), and Geng Wang (trumpet). Zach Holoch (trumpet) received an excellent rating.

Eighth-grade soloists receiving superior ratings were: Amritha Subramanian (flute), Kirstin Johnson (flute), Britt Fremstad (flute), Jenna Williams (oboe), Angela Rydell (clarinet), and Heather Reeves (trumpet). Thomas Dendinger (trumpet) received a good rating.

Seventh-grade ensembles receiving superior ratings were: Nathan Boots and Nathan Scheidel (trumpet duet); and Mark Amiotte and David Yutrzenka (trombone duet). Kaia Nelson and Erin Tracy received an excellent rating for their clarinet duet.

Eighth-grade ensembles receiving superior ratings were: Jenny Bremer and Melissa Buum (flute duet); Deanna Russell and Rachel Wells (flute duet); Rachel Wells, Deanna Russell, and Victoria Collins (flute trio); Jenny Bremer and Heather Swensen (flute/clarinet duet); Amanda Aga and Catherine Odson (flute/oboe duet); Ashley Bjorkman, Carly Bernard, Morgan Hollingsworth, and Molly Beeman (clarinet quartet); and Christopher Berry and John Giedosh (trombone/baritone duet). A mixed grade flute trio (Katie Cafruny, Britt Fremstad and Kirstin Johnson), also received a superior.

Eighth-grade ensembles receiving excellent ratings were: Melissa Buum and Heather Swensen (flute/clarinet duet); Katie Miskinmins and Kayla Nelson (clarinet/alto sax duet); and Kaylie Heesch, Megan Deaver, Jenna Gilkyson and Danielle Weydert (brass quartet).

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