Care center wins special recognition

Care center wins special recognition A team from Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center was awarded first prize for a clinical performance project that demonstrated improvement in hydration and nutritional status of care center residents.

The trophy and cash prize was awarded May 6 at a Quality Fair and luncheon in Sioux Falls sponsored by Sioux Valley Hospitals & Health System. The four team leaders from Vermillion, Kathy Manning, Barbara Gerhardt, Lourene Moore and Mary Auch, were present to receive the award.

As a result of this planned improvement process, the care center staff was able to decrease resident's hospitalization rates for management of dehydration by 86 percent over a six-month period. The team also implemented an effective screening process to identify residents at risk for insufficient fluid intake and identified creative ways to entice residents to drink more fluids between meals. Overall, the majority of residents improved fluid consumption.

This successful project will be maintained as part of the daily care provided to Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center residents.

Thirty-six teams comprised of 360 individuals participated in the Quality Fair promoting improvement efforts and quality programs across Sioux Valley Hospitals & Health System facilities.

"The Quality Fair is a great place to show everyone how we are improving patient/resident care at our facility," said Manning, Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center, chief operations officer and quality team leader. "These quality improvements are not just important to our organization, but also to our residents and their families. There will be continued quality improvement projects in the future as we strive for even better patient/resident care."

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