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The Clay County Junior Leaders met May 16 at 12:30 p.m. at the 4-H grounds. We constructed and painted a Junior Leader booth for the Clay County Fair. Several workers will be in the stand to offer help for the fair and to explain to people what 4-H is and how to get involved. We also signed up for projects we would like to work for with entering exhibits. Lunch was served by the Clay County Fair Board.

Leslie Larson, Reporter

Senior Citizens Center

The card party Wednesday, May 19 had 11 pitch, eight pinochle, two skip-bo and 17 bridge players.

Bridge prizes went to: Maurice Erickson, high; Jim Prosser, second; Marlys Miller, third; Ernie Miller, blind bogie, and Veronica Heimes, low.

Refreshments were furnished by the Senior Citizens Center.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Clay County Commissioner Gerald Sommervold briefed members of the Vermillion Rotary Club Tuesday on challenges ahead in the Vermillion River basin.

As the county's representative to the river's basin authority, Sommervold said it will take a long term program to achieve a unified plan for improvements in the river valley to protect Clay County from periodic flooding from the north.

A major problem area, Sommervold reported, is Lake Thompson in Kingsbury County. Once a slough and now the second largest natural lake in the state, Lake Thompson's water level needs to be lowered periodically. Clay County would be better off if this were done in the fall when water levels in the Vermillion River are historically low, rather than in the spring when water from the Lake Thompson basin would only add to periodic flooding all the way south to Vermillion. Competing interests in Kingsbury County will need to be dealt with first.

According to Sommervold, other projected solutions to be addressed are the construction of small retention dams, restoration of wetlands and river channel cleanup. Government "red tape" is often a deterrent to quick action of these fronts, he concluded.

Vermillion Lions Club

The Vermillion Lions Club met Thursday, May 20, at the VFW club rooms. Lion Art Rusch presided and announced the summer schedule. The regular June meetings will be on June 3 and June 17. The annual picnic and installation of new officers will be on July 15 at Prentis Park.

Reports on club donations were $500 to the W.H. Over Museum and $100 for the Summer Arts Festival. Jana Prasek and Justin Griffith were named as recipients of $250 scholarships.

Jack Doyle announced that Spring Pancake Days had netted over $2,800.

Curt Schempp, membership chairman, led a discussion of the club evaluation. Membership has now reached 82 members and 40 to 45 percent average attendance is being achieved. Members discussed further improvements in club programs and activities to reach a "very healthy" rating.

Union County Historical Society

The Union County Historical Society met at the museum May 17 with 26 people and "Sally" present.

Acquisitions for the month are: corn grader given by Clarence Burrell; a stenotype machine given by Rudy Albin; two boxes of books and magazines given by Gary Eslick; a history of the Eidem family by Darlyne Mikkelson; a peg and corn husking hook by Gale Robinson; hats by Eunice Jorgenson; a vacuum cleaner by Bob and Suzanne Murphy.

Elk Point has decided not to have a city celebration this year other than the Mountain Man weekend so the UCHS has made new plans for the hobby show which will be during North Sioux City Days on June 26 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The senior center is air conditioned and there will be a lot of room so all who are interested, please bring your hobby down for display. You will be able to set up before 10 a.m. This event is for display and enjoyment but no sales.

The Society will still sponsor the photo contest and show at the museum in Elk Point in August. The five categories are: Kountry Kids, Amazing Animals, Rural Folks, Country Scenes and Open Class. Minimum size is 4 by 6 color or black and white. On the back of each photo should be name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the photo. The contest is open to everyone except the directors of the UCHS. Deadline is Aug. 1 for the photos to be turned in to the museum or sent to Box 552 at Elk Point. There will be three impartial judges and the prizes will be $10 and a membership to the society for each category. The photos will be on display at the museum in Elk Point during August.

Five members of the Society went to the Lewis and Clark planning event at Al's Oasis at Oacoma April 29.

Beth Rosenbaum presented the program. She told about the impressive relatives in her background and some of the keepsakes that she has been given her by her grandmother. Her paternal grandmother (Nana) was a relative of President Adams and her maternal great-grandfather invented Dr. Pepper. The 10, 2 and 4 on the Dr. Pepper was put there because the inventor thought one needed caffeine those three times a day! "Sally" is a beautiful 38-inch doll which had belonged to Nana and was given to Beth. This was a "fairy tale" true story.

June's program will be given by Harold Johnson of Akron, IA, about antique clocks and watches.

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