Clubs Ladies Golf and Bridge Association

Lunch was served at The Bluffs Wednesday by Pat Olson, Jan Uhl, Virginia Stedronsky and Helen Brown. It was good to have Marilyn Erickson back with us from California and new member, Julia Chaney. Another big welcome back to Dodi Eicher.

Fritz Lefler and Carol Clodgelter announced the " two ball" winners from the morning round of golf as Barb Oaks and Pat Pratt. Second place went to Merle Reed and Ardyce Baer. Third place winners were Fran Mount, Mary Cisar, Fritz and Carol, followed by Karine Amundson and Ardyce Meisenholder in fourth place.

All the beautiful bouquets made us fondly remember Gladyce Stinson and her times with us. Taking home the flowers were Helen Brown and Pat Olson, the lucky winners. Thank you to Phil Xeifar and Margaret Connors for bringing them.

Alice Wilson, Louise Scott and Ardyth Baer all went home $ 5 richer after the money drawings. Over 5,000 was high score for bridge for the afternoon going to Marilyn Ericson. Doris Mitchell followed with second and Ellie Davis, Jo Surisher and Deanne Christopherson came in third, fourth and fifth.

Roberta Bensen and Leone Christopherson each won a pitch game. The 500 winners were Roberta Bensen and Peggy Mollet.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Club President Dr. Bruce Smith both presided and gave the program at Tuesday's Rotary meeting at the Silver Dollar. Guests were Jerry Flanery from Wagner and Andy Cheng, Rotary ambassadorial scholar from Taiwan to USD.

Dr. Smith, chair of USD's mass communication department, reviewed Native American radio station presence in the Dakotas. Prior to the 1970s the country's indigenous people accepted commercial radio stations and public broadcasting outlets as "the only games in town". During the 1970s there was a realization that existing stations did not serve American Indians well, and the movement began to establish reservation connected stations governed and managed by Native Americans.

According to Smith, the Dakotas are as now better served than most areas with a variety of Indian radio stations. North Dakota installed the first such station and now claims three, while South Dakota has four Native American stations.

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon, May 12 at the Pro's Restaurant. Dick Butler, state treasurer, spoke to the group about several concerns. He stressed that our government is based on the revolutionary idea of government by and for the people and encouraged those present to be ever mindful of their rights as citizens and to take an active role in government at all levels. Jon Robertson, director of the State Democratic Party was also present and spoke about involvement to ensure the success of the Democratic Party in South Dakota. Bernie Hunhoff, who was a gubernatorial candidate in the last election and Sen. John (Joe) Reedy also spoke briefly about their activities. Dr. James Green also spoke and gave us an update on the status of the Newcastle-South Dakota bridge. Those present enjoyed a good discussion and interaction.

The next function sponsored by the Clay County Democrats will be a fund-raising banquet which will be held on May 22 at 6 p.m. at the Pro's Restaurant. Speakers will be Frank Kloucek, senator from Bon Homme County and Judy Reedy Olson, state chairman for the South Dakota Democratic Party. There will also be an auction. Local high school students will be invited to be guests at the banquet. At that time, the names of the students who will be awarded trips to the Young Democrats Camp in Pierre in July will be announced. The camp will take place July 2-29.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will be held June 9 at the Pro's Restaurant at noon. Dr. Donald Dahlin, USD professor and vice president for academic affairs, will be the featured speaker. He will review the work and accomplishments of the prestigious group, The Commissioner of Federal Law Enforcement, of which he is presently a member. Dahlin has traveled to numerous meetings in Washington, D. C. and should have an informative review for us.

Coyote Cubs 4-H Club

The Coyote Cubs met on April 15, at the Vermillion Safety Center.

Flag pledges were read and the meeting began.

Demonstrations were done by Laura Walton on Mr. Clean and Troy Manning on how to make applesauce.

At the next meeting the Coyote Cubs will pick up trash at the 4-H grounds at 6 p.m., then proceed to the Safety Center at 7 p.m. for our regular meeting on May 20.

Chris Lynch, Reporter

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Father John Rasmussen officiated at the 8:30 a.m. Mass May 17 at St. Joseph's Catholic church in Elk Point. Members proceeded to the dining hall for a breakfast hosted by the Elk Point C.D.A. members.

Sharon Weber presented the Catholic Daughter Scholarship to two individuals due to their excellent scholastic and religious contributions. The recipients were Damian Schmidt and Joseph Curry, both from Elk Point. We are very thankful to an anonymous donar that provided for the second scholarship.

Catherine Danielson called the meeting to order. The minutes and communications were read. The treasurers report was given. Financial Secretary Dorothy Dahlman has done a great job of collecting dues.

Marge Fullenkamp, a member of the nominating committee, announced the nominees for the upcoming year. They are Grand Regent Mary Bartels, Vice Regent Leota Conroy, Recording Secretary Theresa Wingen, Financial Secretary Maria Heimstra and Treasurer Rosalie Hubert.

Mary Merrigan made a motion that nominations cease. Leona Kryger seconded it and the motion passed. Installation of officers will be held Tuesday, June 22 at Yankton. There will be a bus trip to the "House of Mary Shrine." Beresford and Yankton courts plus spouses are invited to join the pilgrimage.

Sharon Weber made a motion to increase our C.D.A. Scholarship amount to $300. Rhoda Corant seconded it. Motion passed.

On May 25 there will be a Mass at 5:15 p.m. at St. Agnes Catholic Church. The living rosary and crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary will follow Mass.

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