King’s Ball features tribute to Gary ‘Knut’ Knutson

King's Ball features tribute to Gary 'Knut' Knutson Vermillion is rolling out the red carpet for a night of music and merriment at the King's Ball and Jam, June 12 at the Eagle's Lodge on Main Street.

The ball will honor two great host bands, Poker Alice and The Blue Jays, and will feature performances by soul singer Nikki Abourezk and "F Daddy" on the drums.

The event begins at 6 p.m.

The Blue Jays include Boyd Bristow, Al Slaathaug, Gale Tallakson, Al Remund and Marcella Remund. The Pokier Alice Band is comprised of Nick Schwebach, Owen DeJong, Larry Rohrer, Dennis Jensen and Al Remund.

Many prominent musicians from the South Dakota scene who've played Vermillion since the '60s, will join an array of new talent during the evening as well.

This year, the King's Ball and Jam is a warm tribute to Gary Knutson, a legendary musician and songwriter in South Dakota, who played with bands such as Chateau, Zero Ted, The Torpedoes and Poker Alice. Gary "The Boss" Knutson died on May 11, 1993 after battling a rare immune disorder. This night is dedicated to reliving Knutson's legacy of great music in the area he called home.

The King's Ball and Jam committee was formed by a group of musicians and artists, including Bruce Preheim, also known as the "King of South Dakota." Preheim's song writing has been part of the music scene that has existed in Vermillion for the past 30 years.

"In addition to the feature acts, a host of other musicians will be coming to honor a great guitar player and singer and to keep the Vermillion music alive," Preheim said of the King's Ball.

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