Lynn Roach awarded international fellowship

Lynn Roach awarded international fellowship Lynn Roach, director of the Quinn Center for Economic Education at The University of South Dakota, has been awarded a 1999 Keizai Koho Center Fellowship for travel and study in Japan this summer.

Roach was one of 19 North American, British and Australian educators selected from several hundred applicants for the coveted, all expenses-paid fellowships. After orientation in San Francisco, Roach will tour Japan from June 22 through July 6 as a guest of the Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs), an organization that is widely supported by Japanese business and industry.

"I am very honored to be chosen as a Keizi Koho Fellow and excited about working with an international group of educators to gain an invaluable knowledge base about Japan and the Japanese people," Roach said.

The fellowship will provide the South Dakota Council on Economic Education and the USD School of Business a unique opportunity to establish resources to develop internationally distributed curriculum and provide teacher training statewide through workshops, conferences, and a Japan focused web page.

"My project will focus on Japan's perspectives and solutions to environmental issues and how these solutions are influenced by Japanese cultural values, economic reasoning, and changes in the state of their economy," she said.

While in Japan the educators will tour urban and rural areas, visit schools, factories, and cultural centers, meet with leaders of government, business and education, and experience a homestay with Japanese families.

Roach will be a contributing author to an economics sourcebook development project conducted by the 1999 Keizai Koho Center Fellows. The book, designed to enhance teaching about Japanese culture at the K-12 levels, will be disseminated electronically.

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