Musicians prepare for European concert tour

Musicians prepare for European concert tour Student musicians from South Dakota and Minnesota will gather May 9 at two sites in South Dakota to audition for chair placement and participate in rehearsals in preparation for a three-week European performance tour experience which will begin on June 15.

The students have been pre-selected to represent this geographic area as musical ambassadors to five European countries.

Vermillion High School students who will participate are Erin Conlon, Kendra Korte and Rachel Nelson, all of Vermillion.

The Mid-West Ambassadors of Music will make their eighth biannual tour of Europe this summer, performing concerts in Great Britian, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Dr. Darwin Walker, professor of music emeritus at South Dakota State University, will again serve as music director of the Mid-West Ambassadors of Music European Tour group, which numbers 250 students and staff. The ambassadors' symphonic band and concert choir both have over 120 student musicians, with more than 40 musicians performing in both ensembles.

Students selected for the 1999 Mid-West Ambassadors of Music European Tour had to exhibit a high level of musicianship, as well as be recommended by at least one of their local music educators as individuals of high citizenship and character and they must also possess leadership skills.

Prior to their departure for Europe on June 19, student participants will gather on the campus of South Dakota State University for an intensive three-day schedule of rehearsals and orientation sessions.

The Mid-West Ambassadors of Music will share their music with European audiences in five different countries, and in a variety of performance settings. They will visit and perform in several large European cities, and students will also be exposed to the culture and life in small Austrian, Swiss and Bavarian villages.

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