R.R. Bridge group meets at The Bluffs

R.R. Bridge group meets at The Bluffs Jan Uhl and Meryl Reed hosted the awards day for the R.R. Bridge group on May 6 with a dessert and coffee.

Twenty-six members attended.

The R.R. group meets in the fall and winter months and consists of teams of two. There were 29 teams last year divided into three groups. These players are picked at random from the list of signed names. The number in each group depends on how many players there are.

The winners in Group 1 were: First � Doris Mitchell and June Wagner; second � Pat Olson and Jan Uhl; third � Thelma Dykstra and Eileen Tarnic; fourth � Meryl Reed and Mickey Ruse; and fifth � Shirley Raab and Marsha Bruning.

Group 2: First � Mary Bartles and Pat Berglund; second � Sheryl Etling and Randy Gingiss; third � Mary Lee Hennis and Ann Stewart; and fourth � Shirley Raab and Midge Carlson.

Group 3: first � Kay Heikes and Eileen Turner; second � Pat Berglund and Sarah Brown; third � Rula Hatch and Ardyce Meisenholder; fourth � Jo Swisher and Glennis Stewart and fifth � Thelma Dykstra and Irene Rabusch.

Kay Heikes and Eileen Turner volunteered to take charge next year. Our thanks to them.

After presentation, 24 ladies stayed to play bridge. Prizes went to Leona Kryger, first; Midge Carlson, second; Reidella Engman, third; Kathleen Block, fourth and Eileen Turner, fifth.

Anyone who is interested in playing bridge and who enjoys good fun (and good cards?) is welcome to join. If you want to sign up get in touch with Kay Heikes or Eileen Turner.

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