Sample survives as tornado rips through home

Sample survives as tornado rips through home by M. Jill Sundstrom Shawna Sample, a 1990 Vermillion High School graduate, survived the tornado that ripped through the Oklahoma City area Monday night.

�She was living on an acreage south of Oklahoma City � one of the first areas hit as the tornado came across,� said her mother, Ranah of rural Vermillion. She and Shawna�s dad, Jim, will visit their daughter this weekend.

Shawna, along with Larry Haynes, his two daughters and a neighbor made it through the storm by heading for the basement. None of them were injured, but most of the house was blown away.

�Part of the bedrooms are left, so she has some clothes, and her books and papers for school were intact,� Ranah said. �In the kitchen, the refrigerator was sucked away, but the stove, with Shawna�s cookbooks stacked on it, is still there.�

Shawna�s horse trailer was blown upside-down, but her pickup truck was not damaged and her barrel racing horse survived the storm with just a few cuts.

�But there were a lot of dead horses around the area,� Ranah said. �Shawna took a walk on Tuesday and couldn�t believe how many she saw in the ditches and pastures. She also said that the storm ripped grass out of the dirt and trees that are left standing have been stripped of their bark.�

Shawna has lived in Oklahoma for two years. She�s pursuing a surgical tech degree from Metro Tech.

�She�s staying at a duplex now, but I imagine she�ll try to find another place to live in the country,� Ranah said.

The May 3 tornado killed at least 43 in Oklahoma and Kansas as it cut a path one mile wide and tore up 60 miles of countryside. Entire neighborhoods in both states were destroyed by winds of up to 260 mph.

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