Tennis team sweeps all duals

Tennis team sweeps all duals by Jim Prosser Saturday, May 15 started out foggy, cloudy, and gloomy for the Quadrangular Round Robin Tournament with Madison, Pipestone, MN and Milbank.

By noon, the sun was out and the guys were looking for some shade. All in all, it was a geat day for tennis and the Tanager team made the best of the opportunity to enjoy fine weather for a change.

Matt Rognstad had overcome his injuries and played #1 for every set for the tourney. Beau Blouin didn't have his usual quick matches but still won all sets played.

The one loss of the day came to mentally- tired Troy Rickord but, he snapped back quickly and won the rest of his singles and all his doubles. Coach Von Fischer exclaimed, "Lots of tennis but a good warm-up for next week's State Tournament!"

An unusual format where all singles were played against the three teams, and then the doubles for the afternoon sessions.

Results include:

Against Pipestone

#1 Matt Rognstad, (V), def. Jeff Dobbs 10/4; #2 Jon Lammers, (P), def. Troy Rickord 10/5; #3 Beau Blouin, (V), def. Jamie Wieme 10/7; #4 Jay Merrigan, (V), def. Joe Meyer 10/2; #5 Joe Eckert, (V), def. Nic Dubbelde 10/4; #6 Eric Schaner, (V), def. Patrick Wieme 10/1.

Doubles � Rognstad-Rickord def. Dobbs-Lammers 10/1; Blouin-Merrigan def. J. Weime-Meyer 10/7; Eckert-Schaner def. Dubbelde-P. Wieme 10/4.

Total team score Vermillion 8, Pipestone 1.

Against Madison

Rognstad def. Chris Fink, (M), 10/4; Rickord def. Luke Youmans 11/10 (7-5); Blouin def Ryan Holt 11/9; Merrigan def. Paul Green 10/6; Eckert def. Mitch Walker 10/7; Schaner def. Justin Zerfas 10/0.

Doubles: Rognstad-Rickord def. Fink-Youmans 10/2; Blouin-Merrigan def. Holt-Green 10/8; Eckert-Schaner def. Walker- Jared Wire, (M), 11/10 (7-4).

Total team score: Vermillion 9, Milbank 0.

Final dual match, vs. Milbank: Matt, (V), def. Eric Angerhofer 10/1; Troy, (V), def. Josh Bowen 10/1; Beau, (V), def. Kyle Dahl 10/0; Jay, (V), def. Mike Goetz 10/3; Joe, (V), def. Jaht Schluek 10/2; Eric, (V), def. Casey Dahl 10/2.

Doubles: Rognstad-Rickord def. Angerhofer-Bowen 10/1; Blouin-Merrigan def. K.Dahl-Goetz 10/7; Schluek- Dave Hanson, (M) def. Eckert-Schaner 4/3 (Default � injury)

Total team score: Vermillion 8, Milbank 1.

By winning the Dual Tournament, the Tanagers raise their record to 11 – 4.

Final note � Eckert had a cramp in his hamstring so the coach called off the match in hopes of having him healthy for the state meet May 20-22 at Sioux Falls.

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