Vermillion, Union County approve landfill agreement

Vermillion, Union County approve landfill agreement by David Lias The city of Vermillion and persons residing in unincorporated areas of Union County have entered into a solid waste disposal agreement.

Trash from some rural areas of Union County has been dumped for a time at the landfill in Clay County operated by the Joint Powers Solid Waste Authority.

Action taken at Monday�s Vermillion City Council meeting makes this arrangement official.

One of the reasons to strike a formal agreement is liability.

By putting the agreement in writing, there now can be no doubt by any trash haulers in Union County that Vermillion operates its landfill under the authority of a permit issued in March 1999 by the South Dakota Department of Water and Natural Resources.

Residents of Union County will be required to follow and adhere to all terms of the permit. Vermillion will promptly let Union County know of any complaints filed by the department or other evidence that the requirements of the permit are not being met.

The rural areas of Union County are served by a private waste collection system. Trash is collected from residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

The term of this agreement is three years, and it is anticipated that a renegotiated form of it will be entered into for at least a 10 year term.

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