VHS tennis overcomes adversity at Brookings

VHS tennis overcomes adversity at Brookings by Jim Prosser Injury and illness were the enemies to be defeated at the Brookings High School Invitational Saturday May 1. Rognstad was still bothered with a bad back and Merrigan contracted the flu. No problem!

Coach Paul Von Fischer simply called to the �bull pen� and found an order of seeding he liked.

The first victim was Brandon Valley 5 � 4. It was a close match, but a win. In singles action, #1 Randy Mack, (B), defeated Jon Spader 10/5; #2 Aaron Rothenburger, (B), defeated Troy Rickord 10/7; #3 Beau Blouin, (V), defeated Ryan Wingate 10/7; #4 Eric Schaner, (V), defeated Adam Rothenburger 10/2; #5 Joe Eckert, (V), defeated Bob Soper 10/4; #6 Brian Rossing, (B), defeated Jason Holoch 10/3.

Doubles: #1 Mack � Aaron Rothenburger defeated Spader � Rickord 10/5; #2 Blouin � Holoch defeated Wingate � Brian Rossing 10/8; #3 Schaner � Eckert defeated Adam Rothenburger � Soper 10/4. Von Fischer felt that seventh-grader Holoch played extremely well!

Match #2 against Brookings resulted in another win, 6-3 and brought the season Dual record to 7-3.

Singles: #1 Leigh Rosen, (B), defeated Jon Spader 10/5; #2 Troy Rickord, (V), defeated Neewah Delfenian 10/4; #3 Beau Blouin, (V), defeated Tyler Anderson 10/7; #4 Eric Shaner, (V), defeated Nick Knutsen 10/4; #5 Joe Eckert, (V), defeated Joey Kippley 10/4; Jason Holoch, (V), defeated Steve Brukley 11/9.

Doubles: #1 Ricord � Blouin, (V), defeated Rosen � Knutsen 10/2; #2 Delfenian � Anderson, (B), defeated Schaner � Eckert 10/7; #3 Kippley � Brukley, (B), defeated Spader � Holoch 10/2.

The invitational was a four team event, but Milbank had to leave early because of their prom night, so that team�s match with Vermillion was cancelled.

The Tanagers were scheduled to play Thursday, May 6, at Yankton.

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