Yankton Children’s Choir will present concert June 3

Yankton Children's Choir will present concert June 3 The Yankton Children's Choir will present its annual formal concert June 3 at the Yankton Summit Theater at 8 p.m.

Entitled, "How Can I Keep From Singing," the concert features both the Yankton Children's Concert Choir and Yankton Children's Preparatory Choir. The children will sing such songs as Homeward Bound by Marta Keen and Toucans Two, a fun nonsensical song that plays the voice like percussive brushes. The concert's signature song How Can I Keep From Singing by Rev. Robert Lowry will be featured as well as several other melodies.

The Preparatory Choir, fresh from their mini tour to Yankton Care Center and Sister James Nursing Home, will perform Music Alone Shall Live By by Douglas E. Wagner, All Things Bright and Beautiful by John Rutter and The Song that Nature Sings by Ruth Schraam, to name just a few.

Concert time is 8 p.m. at the Yankton Summit Theater. Admission at the door is $5 for 12 – adult and $2 for under 12.

Due to the extremely early departure for Minneapolis the following morning, a post concert reception will not be held this year. However, a receiving line for the members of the Yankton Children's Choir will be established immediatly after the concert in the theater hall.

The Yankton Children's Concert Choir will be traveling to Minneapolis for a brief tour, performing for the student body of the Edison High School on June 4 and singing the Star Spangled Banner that evening for the Minnesota Twins/Houstan Astros game.

Members of the concert choir (from Yankton, unless otherwise noted) are Jessica Anderson, Joan Braune, Beth Brende, Alyssa Butler, Josh Cope, Culynn Curtis, Jesse Erickson, Michelle Griggee, Latasha Green, Stephanie Hardy, Maddie Henseler, Nicole Hinkley, Mindy Holdorf (Gayville), Zachary Holoch (Vermillion), Erika Hoxeng (Volin), Allison Hoyne, Elizabeth Hunhoff, Leslie Ibarolle, Joni Jorgensen, Jill Leader (Crofton, NE), Hannah Lincoln, Justin Metz, Jamie Meyer, Christine Noecker (Hartington), Molly O'Connor (Vermillion), Ann Opsahl, Amanda Parker, Stacy Parker, Stephanie Pokorney (Gayville), Amanda Scissons, Benjamin Rogge (Vermillion), Ashley Sternhagen and Kelly Sternhagen (Scotland), Sophie Stevens, Kristine Svanda, Maria Tacke, Molly Thompson, Kendra Vennard, Emily Watt, Sara Weaver, Jaime Weddingfield, Kara Williams, Andrea Wright and Elizabeth Wright.

Members of the Preparatory Choir include Analise Althoff, Joseph Bender, Caitlin Blumer, Justine Butler, Shannon Fitzsimmons, Sage Koch, Kailee Henseler, Alexandria Mannes, Jared Moser and Michelle Moser (Hartington. NE), Courtney Nelson, (Wakonda), Kristin Neth (Scotland), Richard Tyree (Volin), Cory Weberg, Kayla Wiesler, and Alyssa Wright.

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