Yankton Medical Clinic announces award winners

Yankton Medical Clinic announces award winners The Yankton Medical Clinic has announced the third annual Yankton Medical Clinic Scholarship Program award winners.

The six, $1,000 scholarship awards were available to high school seniors, located in the Yankton Medical Clinic service area, with an interest in pursuing a major in a medical field. The Yankton Medical Clinic created the scholarship program to promote higher education and to provide resources for area youth to seek higher education.

The scholarship selection committee reviewed applications from a large and outstanding list of students. The chosen award winners distinguished themselves by their academic accomplishments and their school, church and civic activities.

The 1999 Yankton Medical Clinic Scholarship recipients from South Dakota are: Leann Barnes and Ranelle Haas, Yankton High School; Molly Meyers, Vermillion High School; and Brandi Deurmier, Avon High School. Award winners from Nebraska are: Jessica Heimes, Cedar Catholic High School; Mendy Kuchta, Crofton Community High School; and Corina Vandry Carlson, Osmond Community High School.

The Yankton Medical Clinic wishes the award winners and all of the applicants best of luck in their future endeavors.

Questions regarding the Yankton Medical Clinic Scholarship Program should be directed to your local high school guidance counselor or the marketing department at the clinic.

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